Four Ways to Solve Plumbing Problems in the Winter

In the winter, keeping warm is important if we want to ensure that we stay healthy. Being too cold can cause all sorts of health problems, some can be life threatening particularly to more vulnerable people. When the winter arrives, we rely on our boiler and central heating to support us and keep us warm over these cold months.

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To make sure that you can rely on your plumbing to keep you cosy and warm this winter, here are some of the things that you can do…

Have your Boiler Checked – To make sure that your boiler is able to keep going through the winter, get a professional like this boiler service Cheltenham based company to come and give your boiler a thorough inspection. By doing this, any problems will be identified and repaired now, rather than you having to call an emergency plumber due to a boiler breakdown!

Make sure that your Pipes are Insulated – One of the common problems that people experience with their plumbing over the winter is the pipes freezing. When temperatures hit zero and lower, as is common in the winter in the UK, pipes that are not protected can freeze causing the water inside them to freeze too. As water expands when it becomes a solid, this means that there is a greater chance of pipes bursting. Using pipe lagging to protect pipes can save you from having to deal with a burst pipe.

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Disconnect your Hose Pipe – In the winter there is no need to attend to your garden as you would in the summer, so taking your hose out of the outdoor tap is a good idea. The main reason for doing this is because the water inside it could freeze which can then cause the water in connecting pipes to freeze too.

Bleed your Radiators – If you have problems with your boiler pressure or the radiators are not heating up it may well be that you need to bleed the radiators. This will release the air from them that may have got in whilst they have not been used as much during the summer. You can easily do this yourself without the need to call a plumber.

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