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Helping your teenager move to student digs in order to attend the prestigious Bristol University

If your teenager decides to go off to study at the prestigious Bristol University it can be a difficult but proud moment for you as parents.  They are moving away from home for the first time and planning to live in student digs in the City.  The best way to help and support them is to ensure they arrive in Bristol safely with all their worldly goods and study materials intact. Contacting a local, professional reputable company such as who specialise in Van Leasing Bristol is one way of ensuring that’s what happens. Helping them pack everything into an appropriately sized van with plenty of room for all their treasured belongings and driving them to their new on-campus home gives you plenty of opportunities to talk to them about Student life and keeping in touch.

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The van you lease will come with full MOT and all the safety features you would expect from a new vehicle, including seat belts, airbags, air-conditioning, satellite navigation and rear parking sensors to ensure you arrive and park outside their new Dorm safely.  Having the use of this van for as long as you need makes the trip less stressful and means you can take it back whenever you want.

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Then when they have finished their studies and are ready to come home you can lease a similar vehicle from the same, reputable, local Bristol company knowing you are getting a great van at a great price.