How to measure for gloves

When you want to buy new gloves then you need to know the size. Because always you aren’t fortunate to get a scope to trail it before you buy. Or if you want to gift then you need to know the size. There are various types of gloves and people use these gloves for various purposes. So it is important to know the size of the glove.

For example, an Opera length glove is for opera and evening occasions. Bracelet length glove is for evening occasions. Gauntlet length glove is for day and normal uses.

So if you don’t know gloves size then you need to know how to measure for gloves. Though there are various types of gloves, the measurement technique is universal. As a newbie don’t worry after knowing the technique you can measure as a professional.

How to measure for gloves with measure tape?

To measure you need a measuring tape. If you don’t have measure tape then you can use string and a scale but dressmaker tape is the best for when you take the measurement.

Measure palm: If you are left-handed then select it or right-handed then select it to measure the palm-size. Now wrap the palm with the measure tape or string. Take the measurement of the widest area of the palm and never include your thumb. Usually, the size of the palm is between 6 inches to 9 inches. When you take the palm-size then close the fingers together.

Measure length: After measuring the palm the next task is to measure the length. Now select the middle finger because it is the tallest among the fingers. Now take the measurement from the tip of the middle finger to the thumb seam ( below the wrist ). When taking the length then try to spread your fingers so that you can get the highest value.

Select one: After taking the measurement of palm and hand length then choose the bigger one. For example, the length is 5.5” and the palm wide is 6” then take the 6”. If there is any fraction then round up it. The average size for gloves is 7 inch so when you don’t know then you can use this size.

If you measure for cloth gloves then add more 0.5 inch.

How to you measure your hand for a glove without a tape measure?

You can measure for hand gloves without measure tape. You need just a ruler with inch and cm marks. To measure your palm wide, set the ruler horizontally one edge to the palm on one side and note the wide where the palm on another side match. Now take the thickness of the hand and add it with palm wide. After add now multiply the total sum by 2. The multiplication result is the palm wide.

Set the ruler vertically with hand and start measuring from tallest finger to hand wrist. During taking this measurement try to keep the ruler 90-degree angle. Otherwise, the measurement won’t be accurate when the ruler is set diagonally.


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