House Design With A Russian Stove – Tips On Interior Design

House Design With A Russian Stove - Tips On Interior Design

Russian stove – not just a traditional element of folklore. Long since in Russia, it was considered the heart of the house, the focus of vitality. Delicious foods were prepared in the oven; they slept, warmed up, washed in the oven and even “baked” weak newborn babies. The Russian stove has a lot of advantages. Unfortunately, it will be possible to install it only in a private house due to its design features, weight, and dimensions. Modern designs combined all the best qualities of traditional stoves with the capabilities of other types of furnaces (fireplaces, metal, cast-iron models). Due to these features, the design of a house with a Russian stove is one of the most sought-after areas of design for cottages, villas and country houses.

House Design With A Russian Stove - Tips On Interior Design

The design and features of the Russian stove

The traditional design of the Russian stove includes many important details. Because of the bulkiness of the furnace set on the foundation. The design consists of a base with a niche for storing firewood and utensils, a roof is installed on the base and a layer of sand or clay is deposited, which retains heat. Then, under a slight bias for uniform fuel consumption, the firebox is attached. The furnace consists of a clean cooking chamber and a firebox, where firewood burns. The firefighter is covered with a roof over which the lounger is located; it warms up when the stove is heated. A chimney fitted with dampers for thrust adjustment is installed above the cooking chamber.

The size of the stove depends on the dimensions of the room and house, on the area that you want to heat. If necessary, you can heat a two-three-story house, you just need to properly position the chimney so that it warms up all the rooms. Design and installation should be entrusted only to proven experts. In Russia, the craft of stove-makers was valued above many other professions, and even today it is not so easy to find a good, experienced master.

Advantages and disadvantages

Russian stoves have their advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include the following properties:

  • The stove warms up perfectly at home of various sizes and maintains a comfortable temperature for a long time even with a quenched focus;
  • The oven produces amazingly tasty dishes;
  • On a heated bed it is pleasant to sleep dank in autumn or frosty winter, moreover, such warming up of the bones is good for health;
  • The design of the house with the Russian stove is always unique;
  • The stove helps to create a cozy, warm and slightly fabulous atmosphere.


  • A kind of color that is not to everyone’s liking;
  • Having flooded the stove, you will have to wait sometime for the house to warm up;
  • The stove takes up a lot of space and requires a lot of fuel for kindling and maintaining fire;
  • Cooking in the oven culinary masterpieces still, need to learn.

Traditional Russian stoves are distinguished not only by their great weight and dimensions. Because of the location of the firebox, the floor in the upper room did not warm up at all, and the heat spread about a meter from the floor and higher, it was not for nothing that in the winter they even went to a felt hut in the hut. In modern models, this problem is eliminated. Today, stoves are equipped with hobs, so that housewives do not need to urgently grasp the basics of cooking, and fireplaces. Typically, the fireplace is displayed in the living room, and the rest of the design with a firebox and hob goes to the kitchen or the dining room. The house warms better, and the hosts and guests can enjoy the game of flame. Modern stoves have a high level of efficiency, serve up to 30 years or more, evenly distribute heat and are safe to use.

Material and finish of the Russian stove

The choice of design of the house with the Russian stove is due to the design features, materials that are used in laying and cladding. The classic version is brickwork. Unlike cast-iron, marble and metal models, brick construction keeps heat longer. The brick is durable and beautiful even without finishing, does not heat up to a fire-dangerous temperature. Modern brick stoves are represented by three types of structures:

  1. Russian stove with stove, furnace, cast-iron cooking surface and duct chimney. This option will ideally fit into the design of the house in Russian rustic style with timbered or plank walls, bleached ceiling, and embroidered curtains.
  2. The “Dutchwoman” is a vertical construction with a small firebox and chimney, which serves to heat the house. Traditionally faced with painted blue-white or white tiles, it goes well with the interior design, close to the classics of the Russian nobility, as in the photo below.
  3. “Swede” – the most simplified and ergonomic variation of the Russian stove with a hob and stove bench.

There are several ways to finish the brick kilns. The easiest way is to leave the brickwork, additionally processing with protective compounds. In Russia, the furnace was coated with clay-based plaster and then whitened. This design looks bright and authentic, especially when it is decorated with colorful painting, but soot and soot quickly accumulate on white, and whitewashing is difficult to clean. Alternatively, tiles can be used. This method is more expensive but more durable, and you can choose any color for tiles. The stove can also be decorated with modern materials, including ceramic tiles, facing bricks, wood, plaster, paint, artificial and natural stone (the latter option is unlikely to decorate a house design in Russian, rustic or classic style). Keep reading how to paint bubbles.

House Design with a stove: nuances, problems, and solutions

It is necessary to think over the design of the house with the Russian stove still at the construction stage. First, you need to choose the optimal place for installation, size, and type of construction. If you plan to use the stove only for heating, a “Dutchwoman” will do, which can heat a room up to 50 square meters. For a small kitchen-dining room and cooking need a compact “Swede”, which can be heated with coal. In large rooms and homes, the best option would be a large Russian stove.

House Design With A Russian Stove - Tips On Interior Design

Planning and installation

If the house consists of a room and a kitchen, the stove is installed so that the cooking surface is in the kitchen, and the heating part is in the bedroom or living room. The firebox must go out into a room that is convenient for laying logs or coal: in the hallway, in the kitchen, in the corridor. It is also necessary to equip special containers for storing fuel and accessories.

It is recommended to install stoves for space heating in partitions between rooms, as in the photo below, near doorways or at the coldest outer wall. In any case, the design should occupy as little space as possible, and the walls should extend into the walls of the stove of maximum area.

House Design With A Russian Stove - Tips On Interior Design

Most often, the Russian stove can be seen in the kitchen, dining room or living room of a private house. Located in a corner or in the center, it serves as the main style-forming element of the interior, standing out even against the backdrop of a colorful setting in the spirit of a rustic hut.

Style house with a Russian stove

The presence of the Russian stove obliges the owners to create a certain style and design of the house. The interior, in any case, will be features that are inherent in all country directions. Natural materials of muted natural tones with bright accents are used for decoration of large surfaces, in furniture and decor.

Materials, colors, decor

Overall other materials, the wood of different species prevail. The decor creates an atmosphere of comfort, a slightly rough simplicity, handmade decor, and textiles are welcome: embroidered towels, tablecloths, linen curtains, cotton curtains, color matting boards, wicker mats, earthenware, ceramic utensils, painted plates, cast-iron utensils, patchwork quilts, pillows, patchwork panels. Ceilings are whitewashed, while large wooden beams are often left in their original form. The design of the house with the Russian stove is not only beauty and national village flavor, but also security. Near the firebox, heat-resistant materials are used in the decoration and furnishing: natural stone, brick, plaster, tile, and whitewash. Stone and brick veneer nearest to the furnace surface.

House Design With A Russian Stove - Tips On Interior Design

The design of the house in the style of a rustic hut

In such an interior, the stove should look like a stove, not a European fireplace, with a sunbed, blankets, utensils, wooden furniture and walls, bunches of dried grass and a samovar in a place of honor. To avoid excessive variegation, do not overload the interior with colored accessories: bright enough and snow-white textiles, and a few items of ceramics. The natural color of the wood and whitewashing balance these rich details, as in the photo.

Merchant terem

The design of the house in this style looks much richer. The stove can be decorated with tiles, supplemented with a kitchen set of wood in a classical manner, the floor should be laid out with ceramic tiles, in the dining room or living room you can install a large oak table, carved chairs, a sideboard with beautiful ceramic ware. Striped rugs, bright cushions embroidered in Russian style, will create the right atmosphere.

House Design With A Russian Stove - Tips On Interior Design

Noble Nest

In the design of the house in the best traditions of Russian noble estates, a white tile stove or a blue-white Dutch woman will best flow? The use of fluffy carpets, lamps with lampshades decorated with fringe, decorative candlesticks, and rich lush curtains on the windows, soft leather furniture or a sofa and armchairs in linen covers are allowed. In the dining room, a round or oval table covered with a white tablecloth, chairs with curved backs, paintings with still life’s and landscapes, a slide with crystal and porcelain will look organic.

House Design With A Russian Stove - Tips On Interior Design

As you can see, the Russian stove gives the house a certain flavor, which is best emphasized by design in a similar vein. The stove will fit into a modern interior, only being disguised as a fireplace, in facing of ceramic or stone slabs, in the form of a hearth with a marble or granite portal of a laconic form.

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