How long does it take to study for GRE

study for GRE

The Graduate Record Examination or GRE is a general knowledge English test. The GRE is a requirement requested by most graduate programs in the US. There are two types of GRE: General (General Test) and Subject (Subject Test). Some programs require you to present the GRE by Subject; for example, Chemistry, Physics or Biology programs. However, the GRE General is the one commonly requested by postgraduates (except in the Business area, in which GMAT is normally requested). In this post, we will give you talk about the general exam.

study for GRE

How does it work?

The GRE General has three sections that, according to ETS (the company in charge of delivering the exam), measure the following skills …

  • Verbal reasoning: Measure your skills to analyze and evaluate written material as well as synthesize information about it.
  • Quantitative Reasoning: Measure your problem solving skills using basic concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data analysis.
  • Analytical Writing: Measure your critical and analytical reasoning skills. Specifically, measure your abilities to articulate and defend complex ideas clearly and effectively.

The exam lasts 3 hours and 45 minutes and consists of 6 sections with a break of 10 minutes after the third section.

How to prepare?

This point is the most important since your performance in the GRE depends largely on the time, discipline and effort you dedicate to take the exam. While having advanced knowledge of mathematics may be a factor in your favor, this does not guarantee that you have a spectacular test performance. Constancy and dedication are fundamental.

We suggest you develop a specific curriculum with clear dates and goals. If you have an advanced level of English, you can put together an intensive 2-3 month plan. If you still have to polish your English, then we suggest you spend an average of 6 months for your preparation. You may also like to read

How much time to spend preparing for GRE test

As we pointed out, among the 49 graduate graduates abroad interviewed, a majority (22) spent 91 hours or more to prepare for this exam, the most common being that respondents (10) used between 91 and 100 hours (7 students say they have spent more than 150 hours in the study).

If you know your school, family and work commitments, and I know that the example of the 16-hour scenarios a week will not be sustainable for you, that you want to create your own plan based on the exam date and number Total hours of study you need.

Why does it matter?

On the one hand, like the language test (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.), the general knowledge test allows the admissions committee of your preferred university to compare you with the other candidates based on the same standard.

Although it is not the only criterion to be admitted to the postgraduate, the result you get in this test does play a fundamental role in your application, since a high result increases your chances of being admitted. In that sense, it is necessary that you prepare with anticipation and discipline.

On the other hand, some financing institutions request a certain minimum score in the GRE to consider you a potential beneficiary of the financial support they provide.

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