Kaspersky OS anti-hacker operating system

The computer security industry, Kaspersky Lab, which has been operating since the 1990s, considers that the situation based on the different computer attacks that have been received by many companies in recent years, in a number of elevated DDoS attacks, are endangering the Internet.

These attacks carried out by cyber-criminals are endangering the secure situation of people on the internet. From compromising private information of the public to the loss of companies credibility about their users about their systems are safe and then, where all eyes turn, it is towards security companies that are directly compromised by being lenders Security services to these companies, to keep at bay, external attacks.

Considering the delicate situation of these attacks, in Kaspersky Lab, have developed their own version of an anti-hacking operating system, which is not based on Linux or other system. This is the case of a product made from scratch.

Kapersky OS will work from a Switch layer 3, which is designed to run on networks with extreme requirements, to keep your data secure. For this they have had to base it on a micro nucleus architecture, allowing to make several modifications (specific) that demands the client.

From Kaspersky Lab, ensure that for some hacker to complicate the situation of the platform, this would need to break the digital signature, something truly expensive to do with today’s computers.

The aspect in which they have chosen to make it clear is that their operating system has nothing Linux, Eugene Kaspersky has made it clear, that their operating system is not based on the open system. In addition, include in your commentary that popular distributions are not designed with security in mind. Reason why he saw greater ease of choice in programming Kaspersky OS, from scratch.

 From Kaspersky Lab, they emphasize that systems such as the one they have developed can provide the basis for the development of protected devices involved in the Internet of Things (IoT). In the search to provide protection against different types of attacks, such as the DDoS attack that suffered DynDNS and ended up affecting several crowded websites. For this and many other cases the boys and girls of Kaspersky believe in the need to build devices, which from the beginning, nearby, to be impossible to hack.

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