Fish Oil and Your Brain

Everything we do is actually performed by the brain, making it the most vital organ to function all the time. The human brain is made up of 60% fats and half of these fats are the fatty acids – Omega 3. essential to keep the brain in excellent performance. As the brain ages it also shrinks affecting optimal brain health and functions. Neurologists say that brain size matters very much not only to a healthy brain but also in determining whether Alzheimer’s disease is affecting a person, and because of this it is important to keep the brain in its normal size. Based on studies and researches using science, people who are taking fish oil rich in omega-3 were found to have larger brain volumes even at their old age, as compared to those who do not. You may also like to visit

fish-oil-and-your-brainThe brain cannot produce on its own these essential fatty acids omega-3, which can be found richly in fish oil. It should be supplied from external sources like fish, salmon, nuts, seeds, and wheat and grains. Though much of the daily meals contain some of these, health professionals still suggest an increase in the intake of fish oil and other sources of omega-3 to provide the brain with enough supply it needs every day. There are fish oil supplements as well that can be taken, but it should be consulted first from a physician.

Nutritionists and scientists highlight the importance of having healthy diet that includes food rich in fish oil and omega-3. This way the brain will get ample amount of omega-3 supply that will help protect the brain and improve its functions. The cognitive function of the brain is indeed affected by the benefits of the fish oil in the DHA.

DHA, which is considered as highly concentrated fat, plays a significant role in the brain, boosting its functioning capacity. Since the body is not capable to produce this essential DHA, it should be included in the daily diet so as to help the brain in its optimal functions and maintain its health. By taking fish oil and other foods rich in omega-3, the needs would be supplemented thus prevent the brain from shrinking and decreasing in its performance.

Knowing how important fish oil is, failure to include this in the daily diet would compromise the health of the brain and will affect its functions and performance or even put the whole body into risk of other diseases.

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