Phenylpiracetam in the Brain Functions and Performance

Phenylpiracetam is a substance developed in Russia as “Phenotropil” derived from piracetam. It is used as stimulant nootropic typically prescribed to increase tolerance to temperature at extreme level and stress. It becomes available and popular in Russia and USA because of its non-abusive potential. Based on scientific explanations, the addition of the phenyl group in the piracetam, it allows for the cross blood brain barrier causing the brain to act and function well than before. If you like to learn more please visit

phenylpiracetam-in-the-brain-functions-and-performanceIt has been said by its users that phenylpiracetam is the strongest nootropic there could be affecting the functions and performance of the brain in different aspects and perceptions. The most common effects are: increase in concentration, quicker learning, increase in memory, increase in motor skills, decrease in stress, and increase in endurance.

Dosage Intake

100mg with food twice per day is the usual suggested dosage. 250mg twice per day is classified as a higher dosage and can be too stimulating for an individual. With 750mg maximum dosage in one day, it is suggested that intake is done not later in the afternoon to prevent insomnia.

Though there was not reported any overdose, intake should also be noted based on when needed more rather than on daily intake since nootropic has a lasting effect.


For fast recovery from stroke, reduced seizure frequency to epilepsy patients, cognitive impairment and chronic fatigue, decrease in level of anxiety, reduced pain, lower depression level, stimulant effects, improve mental stamina, and cognitive enhancements which include increase in memory and improvements in brain functions and performance.

Safety Precautions

Phenylpiracetam is suggested to not be given to pregnant women and to children as per advice of the physician. Patients with liver failure and kidney problems should not be given also.

Phenylpiracetam on Learning and Studying – The stimulating effects of phenylpiracetam in the learning process cause the brain to have better focus and concentration especially during examinations. It also affects the memory causing the brain to retain previous ideas and data learned. It also enhances mood behavior allowing the person to study well and do better in school.

Phenylpiracetam on Workout and Physical Performance – Athletes benefit from phenylpiracetam as it helps reduce stress in the body and stimulates endurance and tolerance to pain from workouts and performance. Keeping the mind focused yields improvements in performance in the physical activities.

Students, athletes, working individuals, and businessmen who aim to improve quality of performance in whatever field they are will definitely benefit from phenylpiracetam.

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