How to transfer music from pc to iphone?

How to transfer music from pc to iPhone

Mobile phones have long ceased to be simple devices for communicating via phone calls or text messages. In fact, with the advancement in technologies and internet connection through mobile networks, many users prefer to hire rates that guarantee a good internet connection than to enjoy free messages and calls.

Smartphones, and in this case the iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices from Apple, have advanced features such as high-resolution cameras, applications to access the Internet or integrated media player. In the case of iPods, the mobile device in charge of playing music and multimedia in Apple requires iTunes, which is the multimedia player of the company created by Steve Jobs.

How to transfer music from pc to iPhone?

How to transfer music from pc to iPhone

The best way to sync music and other media files between a computer and iPhone is this way. It is a very useful application, but it can be a bit complex for newbies. We show you, as a tutorial, how to transfer music from PC to iPhone successfully.

The first step is to connect the phone to the computer using a suitable USB cable. The iPhone chargers are valid, either only the cable or the cable together with the socket for the plug since the cable has a USB output.

Next, we open the program. Once the program is open, click on Playlists, an option that appears in the upper central bar.

The third step is to search your laptop or tower for the folder or files that we want to add to the program to later send to the phone, select them with the mouse and drag it to the left sidebar, which corresponds to the playlist. In this way, we already have it integrated.

Manually (song by song)

To transfer audio manually and not all the content, we must select the content that we want to add to the phone from the library.

We look for the device in the left sidebar and drag the content to the iPhone, iPad or iPod. It is important to note that if you use an iPhone, you can only add music or videos from a single library, while with iPad and iPod, you can add it from multiple libraries, but not for videos.


To synchronize all the content to the iPhone, we mark the iPhone tab, which is located in the upper right. Within this drop-down menu, there is a summary of the iPhone, whether it is iPhone 7, 6, X, 8 …, and there we must click on the “Music” section in the top bar.

After this step, we mark the “Synchronize music” box and select tracks, artists or albums to download the songs we want. When the synchronization process starts, you have to wait for it to finish so that the music is transferred to the iPhone. When the process is finished, click on “OK” in the upper bar on the right of the screen and you are on the iPhone.

How to put songs without iTunes?

Although it is a very good program and can be used for practically anything, there are many other ways to send music and data from your computer to your iPhone or iPod without using the Apple library.

We are going to show you three simple methods: with Airmore, with a cloud service and using a Lightning to USB cable.

With Airmore

AirMore is a mobile phone management application compatible with Android and iOS devices. With it, we can send data from the computer to the iPhone without using cables, only with a good internet connection.

To do this, we must download AirMore for free on the iPhone and on the computer go to in the browser. Next, we scan the QR code that appears on the web to create the connection between your computer and the device.

Once the connection is established, click on the “Music” icon on the web. Click on “Upload files” and select what we want to transfer. A more convenient way to transfer from the computer to the iPhone is to click and drag them.

This application is downloadable from the application stores or in apk format. The AirMore website is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers.

With a cloud service (from the cloud)

A second option is to opt for a cloud service. In this case, by activating the iCloud library, you can access the entire collection from the iPhone, iPad, iPod or computer.

The first step is to go on the iPhone to the settings, music and click on the iCloud library to activate it. If there is already music on the device, we can keep it and add it to the iCloud library.

If the checked option is to delete and replace it, the iPhone music is replaced by the contents of the iCloud library.

Other cloud services that can help you are:

  • Google drive
  • Dropbox
  • Amazon Music
  • OneDrive
  • Using Lightning to USB cable

This is the best option for those who want to transfer music from iPhone to PC. To do this, we will need a special cable that, on the one hand, connects to the iPhone (that is, a lightning cable) and, on the other, to USB, in order to connect it to our PC. Once this is done, we must download alternative music software for our PC or Mac.

Unlike Android, we cannot connect our iOS phone via USB and drag folders or files directly. We will need a program like Copytrans, for example.

Can you transfer music from iPhone to PC?

Yes, from iPhone to PC, you can transfer music. For this, the best option is iTunes, but in this case, the multimedia file manager only allows transferring it from iPhone to PC purchased in the Store. This means that we cannot transfer music downloaded from third-party applications or audio CDs.

Luckily, there are different applications and software on the market that allow you to do this. One of the best known in Any Trans, which is free.

Can music be transferred to the iPhone via Bluetooth?

To transfer music to the iPhone from Bluetooth, the ideal is to do it from another iPhone. This method works the same, but instead of connecting the device with the help of a USB cable, the transfer process is done through Bluetooth connectivity (you must activate and synchronize the devices).

In any case, sharing music by this method is only agile if a few songs are transferred and as long as the process is carried out on a stable network.