The Parental Alienation Problem

When a couple gets divorced, it is something that doesn’t just affect the couple. The effects of a divorce can spread out across whole families and often children suffer the most severe consequences of a divorce.

When there are lots of emotions involved, it is easy to see why some divorces can get very messy and complicated. If the circumstances of the divorce are particularly bitter, then this usually means that the emotions will be more intense.

However, something that all couples who are divorcing should always be aware of is the impact that their divorce as well as their behaviours have on their children. When a couple split up, often the custody of the children can be one of the most difficult things to deal with, and this is why a professional like this family law solicitors Gloucester based company is usually involved from the start, as this helps to make sure that things are sorted out amicably and fairly.

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Something that has been reported on in recent years is the subject of parental alienation. This is where one parent will manipulate the child in order to turn them against the partner that they are splitting from, the child’s other parent. This can then lead the child to become confused, have problematic behaviours and also refuse to have any contact with the other parent.

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There are lots of ways that parents do this – it ranges from bad mouthing the other parent to the child, to convincing them that they are at fault, making up lies about them, and encouraging the child to go along with this and then rewarding them for doing so. They may also encourage the child to behave badly for the other parent when they have contact, or tell them that they cannot be trusted, which of course also puts a strain on the relationship, often ending with the child not seeing the other parent as the relationship breaks down.

However, there are many problems with this both for the parents and the child. This can lead to long term mental health and behavioural problems for the child. They may develop mental illnesses, a poor sense of self esteem or anger and empathy issues to name but a few things. Ultimately, when a couple gets divorced, the children should always be the number one consideration when deciding on contact and the transition should be made as easy for them as possible.

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