Is studying architecture worth it?

studying architecture

Is studying architecture worth it? Is it still a popular choice for students? These are the questions we ask ourselves every day. It’s not hard to find people who have been successful without an architecture degree, but what about those who have studied architecture and succeeded in their career despite that degree. You can do Architecture Master in Europe and find out if an architecture career is for you – it’s not too late to put the pencil down!

Is studying architecture worth it?

If one is to take a look at the career opportunities that are available in architecture, then it would appear that studying an Architecture degree is worth it. Architecture offers students many different career paths; they include construction management, land surveying, real estate, and city planning, among others. Even though these careers may not be directly related to the actual design of buildings, they are still connected to architecture. These days students have a wider choice of career paths in architecture because it is not confined only to designing buildings.

Architecture graduates can find work with architectural and engineering firms, private practices, and industrial design companies; some even choose to work in the construction industry. There are some that choose to start their own business and operate as independent contractors and consultants.

You don’t have to work for a large firm either; there are opportunities in small firms and many types of businesses too, such as libraries, churches, schools, hospitals, and the hospitality industry. The possibilities with an Architecture degree are endless. A bachelor’s degree in Architecture can lead to a career as an Architect, and there is no need for a master’s degree unless you want to specialize within the field of architecture.

Advantages of studying architecture

The primary advantage of studying Architecture is that you have a good chance to find a job when you graduate. According to US News, architecture graduates face one of the lowest unemployment rates among college graduates. This high demand for Architects has led to the average starting salary is around $50,000 per year, which can increase quickly given experience and time on the job.

A career in architecture also has great flexibility for those who want to pursue further education and specialization. As an architect, you will be able to work on a number of different kinds of projects, from small renovations to big multi-million dollar projects that take years at a time.

The average architectural salary is also higher than many other careers. In fact, according to figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage for an architect was around $76,000 per year. Architects work in a very interesting and rewarding career where they have a real chance to make a difference in everyday life with their designs.


An Architecture degree will provide you with a great career option as it does have its advantages. However, for those who are not very keen on being an architect or have no idea what this means, there are many other areas of the industry that could be considered as well. In addition, the field of architecture has become so large nowadays that there’s room for many kinds of jobs that don’t necessarily involve designing or constructing buildings.

Therefore, the answer to the question of whether studying architecture is worth it would be a yes and no! It really depends on what you want from your career. If becoming an architect is of great interest to you, then definitely go for it, but if not, then there are other options available that might interest you!

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