Google and its software that reads people’s lips

As we all know, today artificial intelligence technologies are present in radio, TV, internet, news, magazines, social networks, that is, almost everywhere we look.


However, the area of artificial intelligence Google , DeepMind, and also of the University of Oxford, have joined with the main goal to read the lips of anyone and only by what would be the observation of the interlocutor.

The advanced and ambitious scientific experiment was carried out with nothing more and nothing less than 5,000 hours of television, to be more specific, with programs of the famous BBC chain, where it was put to test the transcribing what would be some conversations in the the software was fully able to read the lips of people with an accuracy of something like 46.8 percent, which is very, very good.

Although for many people, this figure does not seem high at all, since it is, because if one takes into account the fact that a human professional lip reader (ie a person of flesh and blood), subjected to the Same tests, only had a percentage of success of a 12.4 percent only.

For Google’s artificial intelligence software to learn everything it has learned so far, it was equipped with a camera and in addition with face recognition software and the staggering sum of 5,000 hours of visualized video.

The software in question has learned so far, more than 118,000 sentences with about 17,500 different words. The television programs seen by the software were of different types and also with different presenters.

 The parents of this new artificial intelligence, assure that the software could have numerous applications in the current market, such as, to help the people with some hearing disability to be able to understand conversations. But still, they are still working hard to increase the percentage accuracy of the system.

We hope that this and other future inventions related to artificial intelligence will be used for the benefit of humanity and not for the purposes of warfare, for example.

Surely in the coming years, artificial intelligence will become more and more powerful with the arduous participation of large companies and organizations.


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