6 reasons to eat bananas every day

Bananas help to control appetite, reduce blood pressure and strengthen bones and replace special drinks before workouts. In bananas taste good, they are easy to clean, and the color you can easily recognize the damaged or immature fruit. But their main advantage – a huge amount of nutrients that will solve a number of serious health problems.


Bananas prevent asthma

Searching for a good way to prevent asthma? Choose bananas. A study by researchers at Imperial College of London found that children who eat bananas at least once a day, 34% less likely to suffer from asthma attacks than those who consumed fruit less than once a month.

Bananas decrease blood pressure

High blood pressure leads to many dangerous diseases, including – ischemic heart disease and stroke, the main causes of death worldwide.

One way to lower blood pressure – eat more potassium. This nutrient is found in abundance in bananas. One medium-sized banana cover your daily potassium rate of 12%. That is why the Harvard School of Public Health ( USA ) recommends eating foods high in potassium citrate for people suffering from hypertension.

Bananas help digestion

Fiber contained in bananas, is very useful for digestion. According to scientists the Mayo Clinic (USA), it reduces the level of harmful cholesterol, helps control weight and blood sugar levels.

One of the most interesting effects of fiber is its ability to slow down the digestion. This means that you will feel full longer, cut calories and lose weight. Choose a snack for a snack? Let it be bananas.

Bananas against cancer

American Institute for Cancer Research Experts say that the dietary fiber contained in bananas, significantly reduce the risk of colorectal cancer and cancer of the esophagus. Regular consumption of fruits is generally good prevention of lung cancer, gastric, oral cavity, pharynx and larynx.

Bananas replace sports drinks

If you want to eat before training, stocked  bananas. A study from Appalachian State University showed that eating bananas during prolonged exercise is not inferior to the special sports drinks.

Bananas – a source of good carbohydrates, which are necessary to man before and after exercise. They quickly converted into energy, and high potassium content helps prevent dehydration. Also, bananas contain antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin B-6, which is commonly found as a part of sports drinks.

Bananas strengthen bones

The high potassium content of bananas makes it an ideal food for those who want to strengthen the bones. This kind of diet can help prevent osteoporosis because foods rich in potassium bicarbonate significantly reduce the rate of bone loss. Also 1 banana contains 16% of your daily manganese norm, namely, a nutrient responsible for arthritis prevention

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