Can Rice save your phone?

There are lots of myths around what you canada cannot do to save a mobile phone when it gets wet. Even the simplest of spillages can cause issues with this sometimes delicate piece of machinery and technology. So given that a small spill could  mean the end of the phone, let alone dropping it completely in water and submerging it, what measure can you take should the worst happen. If the worst does happen then at least you can visit a Vodafone Store Ireland and buy another one.

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Say that this is not an option right at this very point in time. What are the alternatives should this happen? Not dropping it all is the real preference here, but we are all of us human and capable of making errors despite our best efforts. However there is one way of saving the phone using a substance that has aided humans for centuries.

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The answer to the phone with water in it is twofold. First of all turn it off the second you realise it has moisture in it. The electrical charge from the battery is going to cause major problems so cut the power immediately. Second, get a sandwich bag or other receptacle and fill it full of dried rice. Place the phone in the bag with the rice. Now, place it in a generally warm place, the best place is an airing cupboard. Levae the soaked phone for 24 hours (I know a terrible hard challenge for most of us) and then check and see what condition it is in. If it’s still dripping then leave it. But if it feels dry then give it try.

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