Bring some Drag Queen makeup tips into your daily life

Drag Queen makeup

The chameleon capacity that these transformists have when entering character is surprising to the degree of becoming a completely different person.

You must have confidence in yourself and your makeup. Pay attention to the details and get a winning look, simple and dazzling. As if that weren’t enough, you can also copy their attitude and confidence.

Frame your eyesDrag Queen makeup

Eyelashes are the key to a beautiful face. Always put extensions to emphasize, remember that they must look natural so extensions can be the ideal option.

Color the skinDrag Queen makeup

A little blush will always be great for adding color and life to your skin. Apply it to the cheekbones to stylize the face and avoid paleness.

Slim your face

If you want to slim your face, do not forget the bronzer, it will always be basic, but apply it in a natural way, not to be noticed by blurring and mixing with conventional makeup. Read more: Does ultrasonic cavitation work?

Brighten up your featuresDrag Queen makeup

Do not apply highlighter as a protagonist of your face or else it will be the protagonist of your face, but not a small accent of color. Try to recognize your nose or the arch of your eyebrows, but never star in your makeup.

Enlarge your look

Always put some white eyeliner on the inside of your eye to make it look bigger.

Line your lips

Always outline your lips. The secret is to use an eyeliner that you can blend with your lipstick or the color of your lips. It is to make them bigger, but always correctly.

Style your hair

A wig is not such a bad idea. They wear wide colored manes with curls or straight, but you can have the one you can think of in another color or texture; you just have to choose well and change from time to time.