4 Movies like Pride and Prejudice that Netflix offers you

Movies like Pride and Prejudice

There are many consumers of streaming services who, in addition to watching recent productions. Also, enjoy movie classics, therefore, Netflix has a good selection of movies from yesteryear and one of them is ‘Pride and Harm’. Which returned recently to the platform, becoming one of the most viewed films.

‘Pride and Prejudice’ were released in 2005, and is considered by many, as the best adaptation of the book written and published by Jane Austen in 1813, with a period story that continues to enchant audiences, and Netflix has productions similar to This classic, therefore, here we show you 4 films that will make you remember Joe Wright’s film.

Sense and SensibilityMovies like Pride and Prejudice

It is another adaptation of a novel by Jane Austen, which tells the story of a woman who is forced to leave her family home with her three daughters. This after her husband died, and the only son of her late husband will inherit the residence.

Madame BovaryMovies like Pride and Prejudice

This film is another adaptation of a literary work brought to the screen since it is based on the novel by Gustave Flaubert. This shows us Emma Rovault, a young woman of humble origin who is bored with her marriage. So she begins several extra conjugal relationships. However, the protagonist does not measure the risk that this implies.

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Suite FrancaiseMovies like Pride and Prejudice

Another period film that develops its history during the Second World War, during the occupation of Nazi Germany in France. The film centers its plot on a young French woman who falls madly in love with a German officer. A relationship that, due to obvious circumstances, is impossible.

Mary ShelleyMovies like Pride and Prejudice

In this film, we can see Elle Fanning playing Mary Shelley. A young woman who is involved in a forbidden romance with a man much older than her has strange ideas for the time. Everything becomes even more complicated when Shelley’s family finds out about the relationship and tries to prevent it by any means.