Home Decor Ideas for Spring

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Although flowers may be a timeless decor choice for any home in Spring, there’s something to be said about taking a fresh take on the season.  Why lean into the cliche?  Here are some of the top home decor ideas for any home that will push you into Spring and help you celebrate that winter is finally leaving!

Some Greenery, of Course!

Nothing says spring like plants growing in abundance.  Instead of snipping and bringing in flowers every week, you can develop some incredible greenery from the comfort of your couch!  Pay attention to how much light specific parts of your home get, and aim to place your plants in the best areas to benefit your growth.  Pay attention to how much each plant needs water, and check soil levels often.  The key to great plantlife is to ensure you give them the attention required.

Natural Wood Is Back In Style.

Although farmhouse and woodsy decor has had a good couple of years in the limelight, they’re slowly being pushed out.  Instead, people aim to show off the natural beauty the wood already had and do so by forgoing staining or painting.  Although many used to think that natural wood cabinets were hideous, you shouldn’t overlook the simple beauty in good wood grain.

Curtains That Let The Light In

With all of our fantastic plants and the frost and freeze on the run, it’s no wonder that thin and sheer curtains are in style.  Long curtains that lead the eye up to your ceiling’s height and make a room seem taller can also help filter out UV rays and keep your energy bill down. These curtains are best in pastel green or blue, or with a simple white, and can range in fabrics from cotton to synthetic fibers.

Goodbye To Faux Distressed Furniture

When you were shopping around for Cincinnati houses for sale a couple of years ago, you might have noticed a lot of distressed furniture.  This style is characterized by falsely painting or peeling the paint off of the table to give it an older and more lived-in appearance.  Unfortunately, this style is losing momentum, and many people are saying it’s played out and looks cheap.  Instead of aging your furniture, you can allow them to show off their beauty by refinishing them or sealing them again.

Utility Is In!

Over a third of Americans have a storage unit that they load extra belongings into.  There’s no room left in our lives for furniture that exists to look pretty.  Instead, in spring many people are looking for furniture that serves several functions.  Don’t waste your time on a desk that doesn’t have drawers or an art piece that you think is hideous just because someone else might like it: it’s time to find things that can serve more than one purpose.  Avoid getting screens, ugly chairs, or anything else that’s just there for looks, and lean more into a shoe rack that doubles as a planter.  Don’t be afraid to be creative!

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