Best Way To Optimize Your Pc

After a while, it is normal for Windows to become slow and you need to optimize the PC. The good thing is that to accelerate a PC you do not need to be a technician or advanced user, you just need a little patience following our advice.

Those users who have an old PC of several years is normal to notice some slow when opening the computer, it can be for several reasons, lack of cleaning, virus presence, or very poor hardware in relation to the system demand operating.

If you are asking questions such as:  What is optimizing the computer?  or other questions related to optimization such as: How to improve the performance of your PC?  or what is done to optimize the hard drive? and How do you clean your computer? How can I optimize Windows 7? … Then you are in luck because from Tecnomagazine we will explain how to achieve it step by step.

Optimizing the PC should be something to do later that it is in optimum state, that is, without errors.

That is to say, if the Windows operating system you run must be fine, ie, you should not have errors in the hardware (such as a hard disk failure, or bad RAM), nor the hard disk to content buffer (hard disk full) or running with outdated driver drivers.

Let’s begin to see how well our PC is, follow these tips step by step:

  • Tip to optimize Windows: Clean your PC
  • If you use Apple, you can see how to do it from this article: Mac slow.

How can I optimize the pc?

Unlike what you may think, optimizing the PC is not a difficult task, it can be done even without being a computer technician or advanced user, much less a programmer. All you need to do is read our PC optimization guides step by step, following our instructions.

Optimizing PC is possible by following these simple tips:

  • Use a PC Booster for the performance of your PC.
  • Accelerate Windows with a Windows Tuning
  • Extend hardware components
  • Keep Windows Infection Free

Let’s see what are the steps to achieve each of these goals in order to Optimize PC easily and quickly, without jeopardizing the data of your operating system.

1. PC Optimization Tip: Use tuneup software

To achieve the task of optimizing pc is necessary to install what is called a tuneup software, also known with other names like pc optimizer and pc accelerator. What is a pc booster or tuneup software? These are programs to accelerate the PC and more than anything, they focus on the great goal of optimizing Windows.

These useful tuneup programs make life easier for you to speed up your computer and get the most out of your PC with a single mouse click. It is one of the easiest ways to optimize the PC in these years where ever more PCs come more complex and users just begin to learn how to use the new operating systems like Windows 10.

With software tuneup programs even automatic optimization tasks, applying the calls “best practices” to achieve the goal of accelerating the computer with a click .

You can see the best additional programs and tune up software from this article: Programs to Speed Up Windows.

2. Speed Up Windows

There are many ways to speed up Windows, both automatically and manually, using some tricks to optimize the PC without complications.

If you want to accelerate it manually what you will need is a lot of time and also to have enough experience managing computers, that is, to be at least a computer technician with advanced knowledge of Windows and operating systems.

If you are going to take the risk of doing it manually, we suggest you always make backups of all the important information you have, this can be done by copying files to an external drive, or by generating a backup using a restore point.

If you want to know more about how to optimize the PC, we recommend to follow the complete guide from here: Optimize Windows.

3. Extend hardware components

One of the things that we sometimes forget when we are in the process of optimizing the PC is to think of the simplest and fastest (although not the cheapest thing), that is to say: to improve the hardware .

Through the amplication of hardware components, we can add more resources to have a fast PC. The recommended hardware components to add are RAM and if your CPU is not soldered to the motherboard, also a better CPU .

That yes, you must first ensure that the new component is fully compatible with the motherboard that you use, you should consult with a computer technician.

Once you know they are compatible, the next step is to purchase them and then install the hardware on the PC to get that performance improvement you so badly need.

As a basis for having a fast PC, today we recommend having at least 8GB of RAM, Quad Core i5 or i7 CPU, and an SSD hard drive , which are much faster than traditional SATA II hard drives.

That if, if you are replacing your SATA disk for an SSD, remember that first a technician or yourself will have to backup everything and reinstall Windows on the SSD disk from scratch, then restore the backup of your data.

In some cases where 32-bit operating systems are used, it is possible that Windows limits the resources, ie you will not be able to use all the RAM you have, for example if your computer has 16GB, it will only recognize you 4GB.

Ideally, it is then to have Windows 64-bit to have the highest hardware compatibility, making the most of the RAM, graphics cards, disk space and all installed hardware resources. Modern operating systems allow you to maximize compatibility with all the money you’ve invested in arming your PC.

4. Keep your PC free of infections

Something vital to optimize the PC is to have it totally free of infections caused by malicious software, that is: viruses, spyware, adware, malware and other kinds of malicious programs such as trojans, backdoors, keyloggers, etc.

You can see how to completely eradicate these threats from the following articles: Remove Malware  and the list of 10 best antivirus for Windows .

How can Mac Optimize?

If you are lucky to have your Apple Mac computer while having excellent hardware components and a fully optimized operating system, you may also sometimes get slow.

Therefore we recommend the following guides and manuals to clean and optimize Mac computers:

  • Mackeeper
  • Clean the Mac

So remember, if you have both a PC with windows, and one with a Mac, you’ll be able to accelerate initially and then keep your PC performance tops all the time if you do not forget the fundamental steps we’ve described here.


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