10 fashionable tricks, which will surprisingly help out at the most suitable moment

Every day, we are faced with a number of tasks that need to be addressed, and clothing is the very last thing that should bring discomfort. However, some problems with it can lead at the most inopportune moment.

We share with you 10 tricks that everyone should know.

1. Stains from deodorant

This problem, perhaps, is familiar to everyone who uses antiperspirants. After the shower, you applied the product to the skin of the armpits, waited for it to dry out and put on a black or navy blue T-shirt or blouse. And that’s bad luck! In some places, white stains from deodorant remained on the clothes, which, as luck would say, are not easily removed! What to do?

Do not panic. Do not rub your spot with wet hands or resort to more serious therapy. It is enough to take a pair of jeans (or a slice of denim fabric) and rub a stain. Traces as did not happen! Visit this content for modern russian clothing.

2. Vintage things

The last few years in vintage fashion: faded shirts, “old” jeans. You can make a fashionable T-shirt yourself.

It is enough to soak it in a liter of water, where 100 grams of salt has been previously dissolved. Leave a T-shirt in this mixture for 3 days, then wash in the usual way and dry. You will get not only a stylish but incredibly nice t-shirt.

3. Remove smells

In vintage shops or, as they are called, seconds you can find truly stylish, high-quality and inexpensive things. One drawback is the smell.

To get rid of any unpleasant odor from your clothes, prepare a solution of vodka and water. Pour the mixture into a container with an atomizer and spray onto clothing. A smell as did not happen!

4. Smoothing the collars

Quickly give your shirt or dress a neat look with a hair iron. Smooth out their collar, and you will not need an iron!

5. Say no to molting!

Woolen things or things from angora are very warm and right decision for a cold winter. One minus – they can terribly shed, so that by the end of the day on your skirt or pants get a lot of hairs. But this can be avoided.

Place the sweater in a bag with a zipper and put it on for 3 hours in the freezer. Now the sweater will stop shedding!

6. Eliminate scratches

Even the most expensive bags are prone to scratching the skin. Do not rush to grieve. They can be eliminated.

Take a little moisturizer and a cotton swab. Rub the cream into scratches and allow to soak.

7. We buy jeans

If you want to buy jeans and you have little time to try on, try this advice. “Your” jeans fit perfectly in the neck. Do not believe me? Check for the already available jeans!

8. Beeswax

Bee wax not only moisturizes the lips, dry areas of the skin and eliminates pain. It can also come in handy in everyday life. When buying rags or siphons, apply a wax base to their fabric base. To wax is better absorbed into the fabric, use a hairdryer. So they will not get wet if suddenly you fall under the rain.

9. We return the shine of lacquer shoes

Lacquer shoes look beautiful and stylish. But very often it quickly loses its shine right after the purchase. To restore the old look of the shoes, spray on it the usual glass cleaner and wipe with a cloth.

10. Remove stains of sweat

Before washing the white in places where there is a chance of the appearance of yellow stains from sweat, apply a little lemon juice. Then wash the thing in the normal mode. You will be surprised, but after washing the thing will be like new


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