Slow Internet: causes and 5 solutions that do not fail

The Internet is an essential service for humanity today, it is as necessary as drinking water or electric light. We work, communicate and have fun on the Internet until we come across a slow internet.

When the internet goes slow is when our worst nightmare begins, whether at work or at home, having a slow internet is synonymous with wasting time, delays, unfinished jobs, deliveries that do not arrive on time, games that you can no longer play, or stop communicating with people you need.

Beyond academic studies  on slowness on the internet, today we will see with simple explanations  why the internet is slow , and we will teach you how to perform a series of tests or verifications to know the reason for that slowdown of your network , as well the best tips to optimize the internet and its speed to the maximum.

So if you have questions like, how to solve the problem of my slow internet or also other queries like why my internet is slow? you are lucky because you have reached the right place. Let’s start, and follow our links one by one.

The first thing we have to determine when we are faced with a problem of having a very slow internet is to determine which operating system we use, because different operating systems may have different solutions.
Many times the slowness in the network depends a lot on whether our computer or PC is good or badly optimized, so the first step will be to optimize our Windows PC or Mac OS.

Then the first step is to click on the image of your operating system and follow the instructions there on how to optimize your PC.

Select the OS on your PC:

Microsoft Windows

Apple MacOS

Slow Internet in Windows 10, 8 and 7

The first thing we want to tell you is that having slow internet is not a problem that is going to happen forever. Everything has a solution in computing, and the slowness you have in your network can be solved.

If you use Windows, the first advice that we will give you is to prioritize keeping your PC clean and in good condition at all times, as it is vital for certain tasks such as connecting to the internet to go fast at all times.

So our first tip is to read the following article: Clean PC , from there you can see simple techniques to keep your PC clean and working well in every way.

Are you still slow internet? Then follow these tips below that will lead you to detect the cause of having slow internet and are surely the root of the solution to your slow network.

1. Control the operation of your PC

We always emphasize that to have a fast and trouble-free internet is vital to have the PC well clean, adjusted to the maximum so you do not have slow internet.

Our slowness when navigating or sending emails can be due to many reasons, some of them may be:

The Windows registry is full of useless records of programs that you no longer use. To solve it is vital to do a cleaning, which we explain in detail in the article: Clean the Windows registry.

You have many add-ons installed in your browsers like Firefox, Opera and Chrome. Ideally, remove any extensions you do not use will only make everything go slower.

You do not have almost disk space on your hard drive, and this makes everything go slow, not just the internet. For this, we recommend you read this post where we talk about how to delete all that uses a lot of space and does not work: clean the hard drive.

You do not have much RAM on an old computer, and the processing of any action goes slow, so does the browser. Lack of resources like CPU or RAM is very common, and in old PCs opening the browser can be a nightmare if you do not have ram.

Fortunately, all PCs and notebooks can easily expand RAM and CPU. Keeping the computer in good condition is very important if we look for the cause of slow internet, so start at this point to start.

2. Remove malware and viruses

Today with the proliferation of malware and virus infections is tremendously easy to infect with a malware or virus.

Viruses and malware often use your internet connection to send spam emails from your PC, send attacks to other computers, and other illegal activities.

These things do nothing but use your internet and are often the cause of having slowness when using the network or wifi.

The ideal thing is always to be well protected against malware and viruses, so our advice is to do a complete scan of your PC.

We recommend reading this article: Remove malware and viruses, from where you will have exact instructions to control the presence of viruses, malware, spyware and more on your computer.

You can also explore the Free Antivirus article for windows, where you will find many options for free antivirus solutions for Windows so that you can free yourself of any bug that you have in your operating system.

A tip that never comes too much: always remember to keep your anti-virus and anti-malware database up to date, because if you have it outdated it is likely that there is the problem.

Having a database of your updated anti-virus and anti-malware is the best tool to combat any type of infections.

Also if you use a trial antivirus, make sure that the trial period has not expired and you have your computer unprotected.

3. Monitor the use of the Internet connection

Many times we feel that the internet is slow, and after researching a little we realize that the person responsible for slowing is not your PC or smartphone, but other people.

When we say other people, we mean that if in a house there are 5 people, all with notebooks and 1 mobile, we will have a total of 10 devices connected.

And if some of them ask for or send large amounts of data, they are likely to take all of your bandwidth and there to make everyone notice that the internet is slow.

Sharing internet can cause slowness in the network , so it is vital that you talk to everyone so that no one abuses the network resources.

If by chance you use a Wi-Fi network, ideally you read the article Wifi slow, because it can give you the solution to any connectivity problem you have on your wireless network.

Another thing you can do is measure the speed of the network against your ISP, the so-called speed test or ADSL Test, with you will find out if the person in charge of your slow internet is your internet provider.

4. Do you have slow navigation? Optimize your browser to the max

Many times there is the talk of slowness on the internet, but what is wrong is not really the internet, but something in particular of the browser or browser that you use.

For these occasions where you have a bad configuration of the software that you use as a browser, or if you have any add-ons, add-ons or extensions, optimize that particular software.

If you use Internet Explorer we have written an excellent guide to Accelerate Internet Explorer, it will help that the browser that brings Windows by default goes faster than lightning.

If you use Mozilla Firefox, it is best to follow the tutorial: Optimize Firefox, to leave it as fast as never before.

And if you use Google Chrome, there is usually no need to optimize it because it is today the most optimized and fast browser in the world.

5. Optimize the Internet with automated tools

Optimizing the PC using a tune up software is usually a good alternative to performing manual actions such as configuring the advice-by-advice system manually, or configuring private browsing, or hiding the IP, or optimizing the browser are all manual tasks that carry time and patience.

Fortunately, there are ways to optimize the internet to the maximum to get all the juice to our contract of ADSL or Fiber Optic.

There are pieces of software that allow you to accelerate not only your PC but also accelerate the internet, if you want to see all the details, click on this guide: Programs to accelerate Windows.

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