Apple to launch four new iPads this March

The company’s famous white manzanita aims to expand its line of products aimed at professionals from various areas with the launch of the new iPads Pro.


Apple is preparing what would be the launch of four new products for its advanced line of iPad Pro. Reportedly on the internet, the Cupertino are working hard on very updated versions of models 9.7 and 12.3 inches And will introduce two new sizes to this high range of its tablets: one of 7.9 inches and another of 10.5 inches, with the goal of reaching more sectors where they need computing power but a slightly smaller size, such as For example the medicine sector.

 What will mainly distort the new 10.5 inch model is that it will feature a screen that will completely go from end to end of the front face. It would not have the “home” button or also known as the “Home” button. The 7.9-inch model will be a replacement for the famous and beloved iPad Mini 4, which is a powerful, stylish and quite lightweight tablet.

Another interesting rumor circulating around Silicon Valley is that the Apple company will present a version of the popular iPhone SE, which will be provided with some 128GB of internal storage, as well as a new model of iPhone 7 red, which Sure will give a lot to talk about.

This future introduction of an iPhone SE with greater storage capacity can be quite attractive for those customers who want to purchase a small phone with specifications nothing more and nothing less than the iPhone 6S. And even more so when it predicts that the price of the iPhone 8 could reach over $ 1,000 dollars.

Many are those who say that these new launches made by Apple, have the clear objective of testing various market niches with its products of excellent quality, design and impeccable finish; to which we must also adicionarles a very good combination of hardware and resources, which succeed in satisfying even the most demanding users.

 According to experts in the field of technology marketing, Cupertino search with their line of iPads Pro, begin to guide users to what would be the replacement of laptops by tablets with equal performance, where the keyboard and mouse Would be accessories. Of course, this transition will take time.

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