How to manage a relationship with a co-worker

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Having a relationship with a colleague may have some points of attention should not be overlooked. Time current many couples are formed in the workplace, more and more common these days. If you are in this case how to act? does reveal its relationship to the big day or instead to be as discreet as possible and never revealed her? What behaviour when living a relationship at work?

Having a relationship with a colleague is ‘almost’ inevitable!

Indeed, in recent decades women are increasingly present in the professional world and the reconciliation between those who spend most of their time together is quite logical.

Some people have an affinity that reveal themselves and not end up building a relationship.

Group work gives rise to a certain mutual aid between colleagues, it’s so naturally, that it supports colleagues faces to the professional difficulties can

lead to a reconciliation between individuals of the same team or Department even more pronounced.

Collaboration with colleague


Benefits for a company to have relationships between colleagues:

We can actually consider that a couple working in the same box, can be more available to working overtime, because it is easier to work hours

additional if your spouse is with you, rather than to know that he’s pacing at home waiting for you.

Couple employees also get to work without having this feeling of tear, no longer see long hours the loved one, some people may feel when they go to work, because their partner is present with them (or not too far from them) throughout the day.

As for the image of the company, it can take advantage of these couples, because it can give the appearance of a tolerant society and where it is ‘good’ work.

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Can we prohibit romantic relationships with a colleague in the workplace?

The company, cannot, in any case prohibit couple formation in its walls.

What for? just as the love life of its workers is privacy, and the protection thereof.

However keep in mind that the worker must work, have behavior adapted, because in case of concern related to the couple, the employer can impose sanctions and follow the

procedures laid down for this purpose (oral warnings, registered mail, or even dismissal)

It is therefore important to know certain rules if you want to make your relationship to work under the best conditions it is:

Not to disclose your relationship from the first days

As early as the first weeks of your relationship, trips with colleagues, or business meetings outside the company, avoid to be demonstrative, remain discreet not to put the

flea in the ear to your colleagues. Even if the atmosphere is good child and that everyone is happy, your Chief or the Director of the company appear in a different light,

relaxed and seem to be your best friend the time from the traditional staff party, avoid clogging your partner, you may regret it the next day.

With time, your relationship will naturally appear in the eyes of the world and the job too.

However several cases of figures may push you to reveal your relationship to your boss:

If some rumors in the neighbouring Department or in the canteen, for example, take the lead and tell your boss the truth, it is better to cut short this negative chatter!

If there is a conflict of interest, owed to the posts that you deal with, for example in a financial or accounting, service enjoy the relationship for approved some operating expenses made by your partner, etc.

If your leader is also your love partner. Working in these conditions is not a good thing, and both professional and private conflicts could arise very quickly, because

This reporting will a time or another get you in conflict with your spouse, and your colleagues (sense of favoritism and distrust towards you, for them you are now the Chief spy!)

Be discreet!

Attention, after he revealed the affair to light, remember that you are not in a nightclub, at College, or in a bar!

The company doesn’t have to be a place of demonstrative flirtation and a place where love gestures can sometimes be a bit racy!

Keep in mind that you are not home, this kind of behaviour could annoy some people (don’t kiss you on your workplace!).

Avoid also lock you into meeting rooms for hours, drink endless cappuccino next to the coffee machine.

You can nevertheless arrive together in the morning and eat at noon one-on-one as simple colleagues, it will pass without problems.

Continue to have the same extra professional activities with co-workers that you did before your romance.

Your colleagues must not feel put on the side, continue to accept invitations to go for a drink after a day of work, if you go to the gym with some of them, continue to practice.

Do not confide about your relationship

because this kind of situation interest some colleagues who are struggling to keep their language in your pocket and can quickly make the tour of the company!

Your privacy so spread out in the open could harm to your work and your image in society.

At home, avoid talking about work

Know do share things, as should not be that your tender is a colleague on the pillow again in your eyes, it is never good to mix the two roles.

It is important to know how to be a lover at the right time and in the right place! (especially if one of the two is the other..)

Well, I hope you have been enlightened on the different aspects of a relationship with a colleague. This relationship to work should not be a regarded as a handicap, you shouldn’t feel guilty either, because after all, we do not choose to be in love, you become…

And you how you handle your relationship at work?

If you have discovered a problem in your relationship, do not wait and react right now until it’s too late…


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