12 simple habits to clean home

If to be honest, then the order in the house – it’s just a small set of habits. Cover the bed in the morning or wash for a cup of coffee after – we do not even attach any special significance, but it was such routine and minor, seemingly actions and keep the house clean.

There are some simple and useful habits  which will allow to forget about the endless hassle about cleaning.

1 Every day my bed was covered.

Good and proper habit. It gives the right mood for the whole day, and you do not face the gloomy mood of the disorder when returning home in the evening.

2. Use a vacuum cleaner correctly.

If you have children or pets, you probably spend a lot of time cleaning and washing floors and everything else. In this sense, a great service you can have a vacuum cleaner: Clean with it not only floors, but also cabinets, curtains, window sills, televisions. Safely dispose of all their rags for dust and actively use the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner.

3. Disassemble the dishwasher in the morning.

Here everything is clear: finding the extra five minutes in the morning, to dismantle the dishwasher, you are doing yourself a huge favor as save a lot of time and nerves in the evening, when you need to cook dinner.

4. Wash on a specific day.

Even in large families there is no need to run the washing machine on a daily basis. Determine for yourself a particular day and even the time that must be devoted to washing, and accustom to this family. And in the evenings on weekdays quietly relax, freed from remorse.

5. Blow any refrigerator once a week.

Refrigerator too often requires that it put in order. The products may deteriorate, and, of course, no one is safe from stains and crumbs. Make it a habit to once a week there is little direct marafet and throw off this burden from his shoulders.

6. Do not spare money for the purchase of baskets.

For things have been scattered all over the house – buy a basket. This is a simple and inexpensive way to store and organize things. And then everyone in the house there are little things that do not lend themselves to a particular classification. So why not keep them in a separate basket, rather than lay in different corners?

7. Do not hesitate.

It makes no sense to store boxes of items purchased – dispose of them immediately after delivery. No, they will not be useful. And, no, then you do not have time for this highlight. Do this immediately!

8. cleaning the kitchen while cooking.

Yes, it was at the time, and it is absolutely not as difficult as it may seem. Often during cooking having a little pause, when you wait until the warm up a frying pan, and even more so when something is already in the oven and in front of at least one hour. Wash items used during such interruptions, and it will save you time and energy after a meal, when, as you know, do something quite reluctant.

9. Think about the purity of bedtime.

Waking up in the morning in a good mood is very important, and how it is sometimes disappointing when almost immediately after waking up all around begins to weigh – from slippers scattered to scattered bedding and dishes in the sink. Nobody needs this extra stress. Take care of your mood in the evening.

10. Plan ahead.

There is an unwritten rule: do not go hungry for food. It can be safely add: Do not go shopping without a list. It is also important to plan ahead for the day shopping. Why headlong rush for food several times a week after work, if you can schedule these trips is strictly allotted day and hour, and even do it with pleasure.

11. Eat in bed with the dishes.

Crumbs in the bed or on the couch – it is unpleasant. But do not deny yourself the pleasure to eat a sandwich in front of TV and soft pillows. Home – Take a plate.

12. Do the spring cleaning every two weeks.

This is when you have to clean it all: a plinth, doors, curtains, wash windows, disassemble things and so to do this every week, probably overkill… However, decide that you will do it on a schedule. The main thing – do not take time off, and soon it will be one of your good habits.

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