7 Signs Your Cat Loves You

You just love your cat, but do not know how to tell her about this? Learn feline wisdom. Of course, you can treat your cat as a sign of love in different delicacies. But such an approach very soon the favorite pick weight and may even be in the clinic.

Some cats take over our habits and understand that hugs – a sign of affection. But it’s best to talk with a cat on her tongue. Then confusion will not be exact!

Method 1: Slow blinking

You’ve probably noticed that sometimes a cat looks at you and flashes slowly. The best thing you can do – it’s just as slow blink at her. And if you blink first, then most likely, you will see that the cat is also blinks.

This is no coincidence. In the world of predators slow exponential shielding the eye is an expression of complete trust, and therefore love.

Method 2: Affection

When the cat pushes you head and rubs against an arm or leg cheek, she expresses affection and showing that he considers you his. Therefore, a great way to express your love cat – a little butt with her hand in response.

Method 3: stroking

The cat rubs against your legs? Slowly pat her back from head to tail. Most cats love this massage. The main thing is not to overdo it. Research scientists have shown that constant petting cats cause stress.

Method 4:  Joint sleep

If the cat is arranged to sleep in your legs or do to you, do not repulse her. While it may be uncomfortable, but the cat shows so their confidence, and thus allowing her to sleep beside you show her your love.

Method 5:  A game

Play with the cat. This is a wonderful way to express care and love. Important: do not buy her a lot of toys, and play along with it. It will be much happier if he could run for the belt in your hands than from hundreds of expensive toys with which to play one. And many cats like chasing a ball and bringing it to the owner.

Method 6:  Gifts

If suddenly you have brought in a bed a dead mouse or dung beetle, this is a sign of supreme affection. Cat shows that cares about you, because you yourself are unable to get a meal. Try not to scream too loud and praise the cat.

Method  7: Care and attention

No matter how trite it sounds, but quality food, fresh water, scratching posts and place to relax your cat will show that you care about her, and she will feel happy.

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