Standing out From the Crowd with Chapter 8 Chevrons

When travelling the highways and byways of the United Kingdom in the important role of the driver of an Emergency Vehicle, Breakdown Truck or Maintenance Worker, you want your particular mode of transportation to stand out from the crowd.  The Motorways of Britain are incredibly busy and drivers are allowed to travel at speeds of up to seventy miles an hour, so ensuring vehicle safety for these dedicated emergency workers is an essential prerogative. Emblazoning these vehicles with bright, Chapter 8 Chevrons from a professional, reputable, experienced company such as ensures that they do Stand Out from the Crowd.  Bright red, green, blue, orange and yellow are some of the traditional colours used to ensure an emergency vehicle is easily recognised, and other drivers know to make way for these life-saving specialists.

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As a Breakdown Truck Driver or Maintenance Worker, you may often have to stop on the side of a busy road to tend to drivers whose vehicles have broken down, or to help repair a road surface.  These are the times when the vehicles they are driving really need to stand out from the crowd, so that other drivers can see them from a distance and carefully avoid them.

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When you hear that Siren and see the brightly coloured Emergency vehicle, every driver knows to slow down and give way, to let them overtake if necessary and to allow them to proceed first at busy intersections.

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