Check Your Roof at the End of Winter

A flat roof is a common feature on many buildings in the UK – for residential buildings it may be used for a part of your home, such as an extension, or for a garage. To ensure that you have a flat roof that stands the test of time, ensure that you keep an eye on it for issues and also perform the right maintenance on it.

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Winter is a time of year that all sorts of roofing issues can occur, whether it is a flat roof or a pitched one. Even if you have had no obvious damage, once winter is over it is a good idea to inspect the roof and make sure that there isn’t any visible damage, as the bad weather can take its toll on a roof, and with all the winter storms there are lots of roofing issues to deal with at this time of year.

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When it comes to a flat roof, look out for any obvious cracks, dents or tears in the material of the roof. Catching them early can mean that it is only a repair that is required, rather than a whole new roof replacement.

If the time has come to replace the roof, then consider using a stronger material – get a professional like this EPDM rubber roof Cheltenham based specialist to put in a rubber roof for you that will stand up well to extremes of temperature and bad weather.

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