Make Sure that you Drive Safely When the Weather is Bad

As it is winter, it is no surprise that the weather isn’t great, and over the festive season in the UK we have had a lot of severe weather and winter storms to contend with. In addition to this, the winter is far from over and January and February also tend to be months where bad weather can be expected, from cold temperatures with ice and snow, to blustery gales and heavy rain, similar to the weather we have experienced in December.


Driving in this weather can be more dangerous, so it is essential that you make sure that safety is your priority if you are making a car journey in bad weather. Here are some of the things to do to help make sure that you are driving more safely…

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Take it Slow – When the weather is bad, the road surface can be more dangerous and visibility can be reduced, so you should make sure that you travel at a sensible speed for the conditions. This will reduce the risk of an accident for both you and other road users.


Know what to do in the Event of a Breakdown – Even if you take all of the right precautions, breakdowns happen from time to time, and when the weather is bad you need to take extra care to make sure that you are safe.

Make sure that you sign up to someone who can rescue you if needed, such as the AA or the RAC – these vehicles use chapter 8 chevrons like this to increase their visibility and to show that they are a ‘working vehicle’ so keep a look out for them arriving.

Make sure that you put your car in the safest place possible and get out of the vehicle if you can. The guidelines for what to do in a breakdown can be found here.

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Ensure that your Car is Fit for the Road – Something that can help to reduce accidents and breakdowns, is making sure that your car is suitable for the journey that you are making. Checking your car regularly is always something that you should do, but it is particularly important            When the weather is bad, you make sure your lights are working properly, that your tyres are fit for the road and that things like windscreen wipers are in good working order.

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