Why winter is perfect for crochet projects

When winter’s icy hands appear, many of us pick up our metal hooks and begin the comforting craft of crochet. As it pairs so well with the frosty season, here’s why you should try crochet this winter.

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Cosy Warm Accessories

It may be chilly, but you can crochet cosy accessories to keep you warm! There are endless designs to make which will keep you toasty in the cold. You can choose between different crochet blanket kits or make a scarf with one bold colour.

You’re bound to feel proud after finishing your piece, especially if you’ve spent lots of time putting it together.

Crochet The Blues Away

Crochet can be therapeutic as well. As it gets cold and dark, many people experience SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). The NHS says that SAD is often known as winter depression. Symptoms like low mood and energy are more noticeable in the colder months.

Exploring crochet blanket kits from specialists such as Wool Couture is mood-boosting in itself. Crochet is also relaxing, as the hook and yarn’s repeated motions are almost meditative. It can encourage mindfulness, lower stress levels, and beat the winter blues.

‘Tis The Season

The holidays mean presents, and your friends and family are bound to appreciate personalised gifts. If Mum could do with a throw for her sofa, or a sibling needs a bag to replace the old one, crochet gifts always go down well. The thought you put into each piece shows that you really care.

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And what about gifting crochet blanket kits or starter sets this year? You’ll delight in seeing what your loved ones make afterwards.

So, if you’re after an activity to keep you busy this winter, you can’t go wrong with crochet.

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