Often victims of discrimination because of certain stereotypes or superstitions, black cats often find it harder to find a family and spend more time in shelter than others. However, these hairballs are just as adorable as their fellows and deserve to be given a chance to find a loving home.


Passage in a shelter, you notice without harm black cats are more likely to wait for a new home. Not believing in superstitions, it may be difficult to understand the reason for this discrimination and yet. After five minutes, a family approaches the cats to park quickly and shows a distaste for the two small balls of black hairs that approach. Without explanation, these two little black cats are rejected, the adoption will not yet be this time.

Sad vision, sad story but very real. In 2016, the old superstitions and the “we say” on the black cats have still not disappeared to the great misfortune of these cats yet so affectionate.

Want to welcome a newcomer to the house? So why not choose a black cat? I draw you a small list of reasons to adopt a black cat and shoot once and for all a line under all those bad prejudices!

1. The black cat, an affectionate and intelligent cat

We often hear that black cats are more wild, lonely or even aggressive. There are nevertheless very intelligent and love to cuddle. They appreciate your presence and often search for contact. The black cats analyze their environment perfectly and sometimes seem to feel more emotions.

2. A real panther at home

Who has never dreamed of having a real fawn at home? With a black cat, you can easily boast of having a mini black panther in the living room without the risks that could bring real panther.

3. A majestic cat

Black is a color associated with class. Think of your black cat wandering on the ground with these eyes of lynx, it will be immediately very class. His nonchalant approach, his posture near the window waiting for you or his way of hunting is done in majestic gestures that have nothing to envy to the other cats.

4. Breaking prejudices

Adopt a black cat allows you to break prejudices about these hairballs and help they disappear. By choosing a black cat you show the world that you’re not afraid and that these cats are just as adorable as the others and especially that they do not carry misfortune!

5. Good hunters

Black cats are known to be good hunters. Often very active, they will be perfect to keep small rodents or other small animals away from your home. But be careful, if he loves you too much, he may tend to offer his prey as a gift.

6. The eyes of lynx

Those green eyes, blue or yellow piercing, no one can remain indifferent to this look. At nightfall, peeling allows him to become invisible but his eyes penetrate at night and become hypnotic. Their gaze also seems more expressive and sometimes allows us to better understand them.

7. The hair of black cats is seen less on clothes

The downside of having a cat is to find a little hairs all over our clothes, on the mat or on the duvet … The advantage of black cat hair is that they are easier to hide and will not spoil Your pretty black tuxedo.

8. A new friend

As I said above, black cats tend to be very close to their masters. Always in search of affection, he will very often communicate his love to you. You will be able to count on him to comfort you and listen to you in the moments of joys how in the most difficult moments.

9. Fleeing your old neighbor too invasive

And yes, having a black cat will take away your old superstitious neighbor who will now be afraid to cross the path of this “satanic animal”. You can finally enjoy your family Sundays or your quiet evenings after work without seeing your neighbor disembark with her life lessons.

10. Give another cat an extra chance

You adopt a black cat or not, adopt a cat refuge frees a place for another abandoned cat, who can hope in turn find a home and now live away from danger in the street.

Black cats wait much longer in shelters than others. It is sometimes several months or even years before he finds a family. We must also know that in Asia, black cats are more synonymous with luck than misfortune, so let’s forget all these prejudices and give the chance to all!

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