Adopting a pet is a responsibility and commitment that must be reflected maturely. Before taking a decision, it is important to ask the right questions and to choose the animal knowingly.


The first question and the most important thing you need to ask yourself is why you want to welcome a pet into your home. Is it to have a pet? A watchdog can be? Or is it to please your children?

Once defined motivations, you need to consider your personal situation: you have an adequate budget? Do you live in an apartment or house with land? Will you be there for him? Your character and your habits must also be considered in your choice. Indeed, if you are big sports or you prefer the quiet weekend at home, the choice of the animal will be different. If you have children, you must also choose a pet friendly and patient to suit small.

A Budget

The budget for the pets is an important factor to consider. In addition to its acquisition may vary from a few dollar to more than $ 1,000, a pet requires fresh throughout his life. In your decision, you will not omit the price of his food, his bed, his care (health and grooming) or insurance.

Depending on the choice of the animal, the costs will be higher or lower over the entire life of the animal. It is not always easy to measure the financial effort related to the purchase of an animal but you can find a nice little info graphic on the cost of the life of an animal here . It will help you see a little clearer on the budget to be allocated for the adoption of an animal.

Where adopt an animal?

It is possible to adopt an animal, be it a dog, cat, hamster or even a reptile in pet shops, with individuals or with licensed breeders. However, for me, the best solution is the adoption in shelter or from a combination of animal rights!

I do not will argue in pet adoption, which for me is an idea to banish. The animals are usually parked it in boxes and sometimes develop diseases. Animals and especially puppies and kittens too young are removed from their mother and you are not immune to purchase an animal from illegal trafficking. In short, do not to generalize but pet usually think that the benefit animal welfare.

Shelters and associations with host families is a perfect solution to find the animal of your choice. To know that there are associations for all types of animals, not just dogs and cats as some might believe. The association he runs he runs the ferret example saves and offers very nice ferrets to adopt and advise you perfectly on Rules and breeding ferrets.

For some animals, you can also opt for a professional breeding. However, it must be well informed beforehand and ensure that health standards are fully met by the breeder.

Think about the future

Adopting a pet is not a decision taken lightly. This is indeed an important responsibility and commitment over the long term. The animal, whatever it is, will become a member of the family in it. It is important not to overlook the idea that an animal is not an object but a living sentient.

Before making a decision, it must obviously think about the future. For example, a puppy, so small and cute as it is, will be larger and bulkier, which should not be a reason to abandon it once you will realize that it is not suitable for a flat.

An aged animal and will be needed more attention or support after several years. Ensure that you would always be available to him and that your actions will always be reflected by taking into account in the equation.

Adopting a pet is for life!

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