Chicken Tabaka

Meat – is a special kind of food in the human diet. Firstly, it is a rich source of protein, which is so necessary for us to muscle building, and secondly, this diet, because properly cooked meat will not harm the figure, but rather emphasize its prominence and beauty of form.Among the various types of meat should focus on chicken, because it is very light and diet products that can afford to include in the diet on a regular basis each person. Besides the cost of chicken meat very acceptable, and the variety of choices allow to cook very different dishes of chicken, salad from where chicken serves as an ingredient, ending baked chicken.



  • 1 chicken carcass or a small chicken
  • salt, pepper, garlic, adjika – any other spices to taste

Step by step recipe for cooking

Step 1

chicken carcass must be thoroughly washed, give water to drain. On the surface, cut all unnecessary fat, in fact, as a rule, on chicken meat to eat a little, and he not only looks very aesthetically pleasing, but also not very tasty. By the way, this fat, we can come in handy during frying chicken, so it does not stick to the pan surface. Keep reading reheat chicken wings

Step 2

Now, the carcass should be cut along the spine in such a way that the entire carcass lay horizontally, tightly clinging to the surface, simply flatten it so that the legs on the sides and top flaps on the carcass.

Step 3

All spice rub chicken. Garlic cut into small pieces with a knife and made in the carcass. We thrust a small amount of garlic into each across the surface of the carcass.

Step 4

Put chicken in the pan or baking sheet for baking, cover with a plate or a heat-resistant cover and flatten some thermally stable heavy load. Baked chicken in a well-heated oven at 280 degrees. On the one hand the chicken is fried for 10 min., Then flipped to the other side, the covering is removed and the goods and have no covering roasted more minutes 10. This time is quite enough. to fry the meat well and formed a crust, and crushed by the load due to the meat well baked through inside.


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