Launched a new model of desorption body trucks

ShinMaywa Industries Co., Ltd. (Yoshihiro President Onishi) was launched a new model vehicle  is  total weight range of 25-ton trucks class of desorption body track which is used for transportation of waste,  released on May 24.

In addition to the general cargo, for efficient collection and transportation and waste, and desorption function of the container is a bed, a vehicle equipped with a discharge function of the Load.

New models, while conventional equally matches the overall length of KaSobutsu, by performing optimization of the arm structure, a container in the method length that can be installed, in addition to the conventional term “5,900 mm” “8,000 mm”, “8,500 mm “is also possible to cope, now to be able to contribute to the further mass transit.
In addition, higher were our own “container in the method length automatic detection system” of evaluation in the previous model, the new, including compatible with the clear width length “8,500 mm” container, automatic three types of container size can be mounted discrimination and, in addition that can be automatically stored in each optimal mounting position, by “back-tilt” function, you can reduce the accumulation of waste to the bumper upper surface.


In addition, the Company has participated in will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from May 24 “2016 NEW Environmental Exhibition (N-EXPO 2016 TOKYO)”, with respect to this model to contribute to the high efficiency of the waste collection, panel and it is scheduled to be introduced in the VTR.

The Company is a domestic leading manufacturer of desorption body track, by proprietary technology, the new model has been added a new function by market, we aim to further improve market share.

A new model of “desorption body track” (gross vehicle weight 25t car class)

1. Feature

(1) 3 types of different lengths of the inner size of the container can be mounted

Optimization of arm structure, it was possible mounting conventionally, in addition to the container of “8,000mm” length of inner size is the “5,900 mm”, also allows new in “8,500 mm ‘container mounted.

(2) adopt our own the “container in the method length automatic identification system”

By the length of the inner size to automatically determine the three different types of container, it can be mounted automatically to the best position in each container. In addition, the “back-tilt” function once to retract the container at the time of discharge work is also standard equipment, three types in any container, enables optimal operation.

(3) high running stability

By automatically stored in the optimum position of the different container lengths, reduce the imbalance at the time of running by the container in the method length difference. In addition, two-stage sliding arm structure of our own, what order also firmly 2-point support the container in the arm position, less backlash, you can do container transport with confidence.

2. Main Specifications
Apply chassis GVW25t car class
Wheel base length About 7.0m
Container desorption time About 85 seconds (withdrawal)
About 73 seconds (installed)
Pulling at the container angle About 22 ° ~ 33 °
Tilt time About 75 seconds (up)
About 54 seconds (lowering)
Tilt angle 47 °
Height when working When the container pulling About 4,870mm
Tilt at the time About 6,440mm ~ 8,250mm
When the container leaving the full-length About 17.7m ~ 20.3m
3. Start of sales

May 24, 2016

Four. Sale price [chassis price except]

9,450 thousand yen (standard specification, consumption tax included)

Five. Sales goal

50 units (2017)

6. Primary use

Collection and transportation of waste, such as


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