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7 tips to keep pets happy


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How to stay healthy, happy and calm your dog or cat? Here are some tips from veterinarians, trainers, walkers and specialists.

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1. Maintain a healthy weight

This advice applies to both pet owners. One carries a lighter life when you have to worry about carrying extra kilos. You control what you’re feeding them, make sure you’re not giving them sawdust. It also controls your portions and make sure that you are walking or running long enough to burn off the calories. If necessary, also buy him a toy to keep active even indoors.

2. Invest in your training

Classes for pets benefit the owner before anyone else, because you give control to both basic situations, such as releasing something with the mouth that should not chew, or stay quiet, or sometimes they arise.

It is also good for socializing of pets, with others, with children or other animals. Watch this touching example where a dog helps a puppy down the stairs:

3. Take time to check your teeth

A proper dental care can reduce the “dog breath”. You can help old brushes, finger, tongue brushes, water additives, chewing gum … and of course visits to the vet for checkups and periodic cleaning.

4. Agenda doctor visits

A periodic review does not hurt anyone.

5. Keep them hydrated

The urinary tract infections are one of the most common diseases are preventable. Just make sure your pets always have fresh clean water at your fingertips. Cambial water and wash dishes regularly.

6. Protect them from fleas

In summer or winter, you have to keep them safe from fleas. Even in the colder months you have to spray them with a flea powder.

7. Mental stimulation

“A tired dog is a happy dog.” On the other hand, a bored dog will cost hundreds of shoes, bags, boxes and nibbled objects. Invest in interactive toys that will keep them busy even when you have to leave home.