Curatio is a 3D scanner that has a predilection for hands

3D Scanner

Not that he has a predilection for getting to record hand and arm, is that its creator has given this orientation, but it could make scanning elements similar size. It’s called Curatio and pretending to be a low cost solution.

With 3D scanners, as with printers, we want to create or record things in all sizes and shapes, from an insect to an entire neighborhood. But we understand that dedication or specialization to certain elements can lead to create more comfortable to use products with a higher definition in the operation.

3D Scanner
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Ring-shaped, Smarkman has considered it as comfortable to create the 3D model of a hand

We understand it, and understand Pieter Smakman, creator of Curatio. Your system is waiting metamos hand and forearm to create us a perfect digital copy, and does so with hardware that does not appear to be expensive: the brain of the system is Raspberry Pi, and there are a total of 32 cameras accompanied by their respective pointers laser.There is too much trouble when the arm is in motion, while suspended in the middle of the ring of cameras, Curatio collected enough points to shape the model. Let us know in operation:

There is no guarantee that this project will become a real product, it is a work related to the University of TU Delft. We’re going to get bored of seeing this Dutch school projects, such as the Arc Bycicle, self minibus WEpod, or drone to perform first aid.

Related 3D printers, you can create objects that marry perfectly with our hands and forearms

Practical does seem, especially in the field of health, where we can create parts that conform perfectly to our joint appearance. Then to turn it into something serious, need to Smakman want that to be your way, something we do not know what time.It also makes sense in the business of fashion, where they can make supplements our actual size. A final field of action is the interaction, how recognition method our movements, getting where others have failed to take off too much.

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