What to Do if Your Skylight is Leaking

Skylights are a beautiful addition to any home. However, problems with leaking can lead to extensive damage, and it is important to deal with any issues promptly.
Skylights are increasing in popularity. They allow the beauty of natural light to flood in, whilst being a great way to provide ventilation. They are installed into the roof of your home and come in a wealth of options in terms of frame style, glazing, and energy efficiency performance.

The most common cause of a leaking skylight is damage to the surrounding sealant, because of direct exposure to the elements.

Fixing a Leak

Determine the cause of the leak by checking the area, both inside and out.

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Ensure that the area is free from dirt and debris by giving it a thorough clean, including any old areas of roof sealant.

Apply roof sealant all around the area where the skylight meets the roof, using a caulk gun. Ensure gaps and crevices are covered using a putty knife.

Inspect the flashing thoroughly and arrange for its repair or replacement if it shows signs of wear or damage.

Roof Sealant

Silicone sealants can become defective or damaged over time, leading to cracks and a brittle finish, which can in turn lead to problems and leaks.

For a more powerful, longer-lasting adhesive, consider a butyl rubber sealant, which has superior adhesion capabilities and the ability to withstand damp and fluctuating temperatures, giving it a longer lifespan. This hybrid polymer roof sealant can even be applied directly to damp or wet areas, meaning that you do not have to wait for areas to dry before carrying out repair work. For further details of a tough, durable, hybrid polymer formulation roof sealant, visit https://www.ct1.com/product-applications/ct1-the-ultimate-roof-sealant.

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Whilst many skylight problems can be fixed quickly and easily using the above guide, always seek the help of a professional if the problem is caused by structural damage to the roof area. This will enable you to protect the integrity of your roof and keep you and your home safe.

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