Top ways to boost your home’s energy efficiency

As most of us strive to do our bit to help the planet, there are diverse ways of adapting our homes to be more energy efficient. Let’s take a look at a few.

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Stay cosy

According to the Energy Saving Trust, an uninsulated home loses one-quarter of its heat through the roof; therefore, investing in proper insulation is the best way to lower your heating bills. Other ways to stop heat from disappearing from inside your home include cavity wall and solid wall insulation.

Keep your cool

Even in the UK, where the temperatures are rising, more people are considering installing air conditioning to keep their homes comfortable in the summer; however, these are costly and have a negative impact on the environment. A greener solution and one that adds style to a building is a brise soleil, or sun shade, which attaches to a building and allows homeowners to control the amount of natural light that enters. It is essentially a passive solar system, as it harnesses the power of the sun without the need to use any power. Companies such as Alu Systems have options to suit all styles of building.

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Make small changes

If you are not ready or can’t afford to finance a big project such as insulation, a brise soleil or a new boiler, you can still do plenty of things to make your home more energy efficient. You could switch to LED lightbulbs, which use less electricity, or invest in a new water-saving shower head. If you are buying a new appliance, check its energy rating and go for one that is greener. Turning your thermostat down by just one degree will also save energy, and you probably won’t notice the difference.

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