Tips for organizing children’s roomsa

Here we present a number of tips for organizing children’s rooms.


The first: school holidays, when children and parents spend more time together at home, can be a good time to create the habit of the order.

It’s time to sort the rooms and play areas for children . The key is to see everything from their perspective and catch up. Look space, storage area, furniture and belongings from that vantage point and adapt your strategies.

Think for children

To organize a nursery, solutions must fit the child. The furniture and adults organizational systems do not meet their needs. A small hands it hard to open and close drawers resist. Bellows doors and fingers get caught out of the droughts when pushed from below. Cloakrooms bars are out of reach and toy boxes are home to a hodgepodge of toys.

In the case of younger children, remove the cabinet doors. Lower the bar and invest in hangers for children. Use open at ground level containers to store toys and plastic baskets without cover for socks and underwear.

Difficult to remove and easy to store

The golden rule of effective child holds storage to place something has to be easier to remove. Stores the picture books as if they were a photo album and set them up in a plastic bucket shallow. The boy browse, select and, when finished, leave the book in front of the cube. It is better than a traditional bookstore, as the tiny fingers can pull an entire shelf faster than replacing a book.

Organized bottom – up

As befits the stature of the child, begins the process of organizing from the bottom of the fourth and works up. The most used toys and belongings should live on shelves and lower drawers or on the floor. Higher levels are intended to the least used.

Tag, label and relabelled

Printed with the simple computer graphic labels for children. Images of socks, shirts, dolls or blocks will help the child to remember what the site these objects. Improves reading the not so small children with large labels Paste labels everywhere. In and out of the drawers, on the edges of the shelves, in boxes, shelves and cubes. Play “to match the label” can be fun … and becomes a game when you pick up the toys.

Create a routine maintenance

The usual ups and downs in maintaining orderly room tend to irritate and frustrate children. His room is clean and tidy, they get to play and suddenly again a tousled space. Help children to break that cycle, creates maintenance routines and incorporate the day. “Morning Pick” means stretching the Nordic, place the pillow on the bed and put the clothes of the previous day in the laundry basket. Before putting on pajamas, “night collection” means putting toys used during the day.

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