How to enhance the effect of exercise: TOP-5 right foods

Nuts, oatmeal and scrambled eggs to help you improve the effectiveness of exercise . Train always brings joy when you see the result of their work in the hall. But it turns out, to strengthen the effect of exercise, you can use the right products.


Experts of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine named the five products, which enhance the effectiveness of exercise .

Before exercise: Nuts

Nuts, especially almonds, contain protein, healthy fats, dietary fiber and carbohydrates, which give strength and help burn fat. Together with the nuts is recommended to drink plenty of water.

Before exercise: Porridge with berries

Oatmeal is always the best choice peredtrenirovochnogo power due to the high mineral content of carbohydrates, and if you add a little milk and berries, a dish filled with protein and beneficial trace elements. This will help to stock up on energy for the entire workout.

Before exercise: Whole wheat bread and a slice of cheese with low fat content

This option is ideal for those who do not have time for a full meal. Such a simple dish contains protein and slow carbohydrates that are essential for effective training.

After a workout: Protein Cocktail

In this drink a lot of pros and cons, but it is the best option to restore power, refill vitamins and minerals after exercise. This cocktail can be diluted with almond milk for more nutrients.

After training: Scrambled eggs and a glass of orange juice

Eggs are a good source of protein, and the orange juice contains vitamins, minerals and calcium, which helps the absorption of protein. Such dishes are also recuperate after a grueling exercise

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