How to Make Natural Air Fresheners for the Kitchen

Surely on more than one occasion you have been able to see how when cooking certain dishes are generated odors in the kitchen not very pleasant that end up even extending to the rest of the house.

Cookings of cabbages, legumes, baked, grilled fish, fried or preparations that burn leave very persistent odors even if we connect the extractor or fan. However, you can easily create natural home air fresheners that will help you to perfume the environment in a pleasant, economic and healthy way. Do you want some ideas on how to make natural home air fresheners?

Aroma to caramel, back to childhood

This aroma is especially pleasant, very simple to achieve and very effective against bad odors. In addition the aroma of caramel will make you travel to childhood as it will remind you of those wonderful puddings made by our grandmothers. To make a natural caramel air freshener you just have to put in a frying pan or a casserole 100 grams of sugar with two tablespoons of water and a lemon. Once done, put it on the fire and stir until you get the sugar to brown and have the proper texture . To take advantage of it, make small medallions with the aid of a spoonful of dessert, placing small tablespoons on a fountain. When it hardens, you can take them as natural candy .

Perfume the house with citrus and other seasonal fruits

Citrus are also great allies to combat the odors that are generated in the kitchen . With orange or lemon peel you will get an aroma that always transmits cleaning. To make this natural air freshener, put the skin of one or two oranges covered in water in a saucepan and let them cook for 30 minutes on medium-low heat with the saucepan uncovered so that the aromas flow. If you see the water evaporating, you can add more to lengthen the cooking time as needed.

The fruit in general is very aromatic, if you like the smell of apple and spices you can boil an apple with peeled skin in 8 parts with a spice clove. In autumn, an aroma that can go very well to the house is the quince , a nice freshener that you can also get boiling this fruit with water in a pot uncovered.

Smell the field at home

Having aromas in the field indoors is truly inspiring. A trick to making a natural odorator with field odor is to infuse a generous bouquet of thyme or rosemary in water and let it cook for thirty minutes.

To neutralize persistent odors

The aroma of coffee is a very good choice for persistent odors. To achieve this aroma, simply roast a few grains of coffee in the plate or in the pan and in just a few minutes the kitchen will be perfumed. Another way to combat strong odors, like the fried ones , is by boiling water with a good stream of vinegar and some cloves.

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