9 simple rules that stylish women observe every day

A stylish and well-groomed appearance is a daily work. And while some envy their girlfriends, women of fashion, others start to develop useful habits. Nine elementary rules will help the fair sex representatives always look fashionable and stylish.

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1. Stylish girls always prepare clothes for tomorrow evening

To look tomorrow at 100, you need to think over your image tonight. This habit will save you from the morning vanity, disguises in search of a better option and late. Of course, in this case, you need to take into account the weather forecast for the next day.

2. Stylish girls always choose the right underwear

Correctly selected underwear – this is the basis of any successful image, because it forms a silhouette and emphasizes the figure.

3. Stylish girls always dress for the weather

Of course, to look good and feel comfortable, the fair sex must dress in accordance with the weather outside the window.

4. Stylish girls always wear only the clothes that suit them

When choosing clothes, it is worth considering the type of figure, lifestyle and external data.

5. Stylish girls skillfully dilute simple clothes with bright details

With the help of quality accessories, even jeans and a T-shirt can be turned into a chic outfit. It can be a scarf or leather belt, a massive earring or bracelet, a branded bag or hat. However, bright accents should not be much, otherwise the image will become congested.

6. Stylish girls always change their clothes when they come home

Returning home, you need to immediately change clothes, then the clothes will not crumble and longer will remain fresh.

7. Stylish girls are always ready for emergencies

A needle with a thread, a pair of pins and an adhesive plaster are the things that must necessarily be in a women’s handbag in case a button suddenly breaks off, lightning strikes or natrut new shoes.

8. Fashionable girls always remain true to their own style

Stylish women always know what is right for them, and in what clothes they look most attractive. If a thing does not suit them, they will not wear it, even if it is the most fashionable trend. They never follow the trends blindly, so they always have what to wear.

9. Stylish girls always know when to give preference to heels and when to low speed

In some situations, heels look ridiculous, and a low move is too easy. Choose shoes in accordance with the event and the regime of the day. Although, the designer from Paris made a real revolution in the fashion world and released a collection of shoes .

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