Beautiful beaches of Bali and Lombok

Bali beach

If Bali and Lombok are known for their magnificent scenery and lush vegetation, they are also perfect destinations for those who dream of fine sand and turquoise water! Here is our selection of the ten most beautiful beaches of these dream islands.


Jimbaran Beach

If Jimbaran , a small fishing town on the southern peninsula of Bali, does not offer much interest (except for its market ), its beach is sublime. Long white sand beach which occupies a whole bay, it is the ideal destination with children. In the morning, arrive before noon to see the fishermen’s boats returning to the port.  A candlelit dinner? In the evenings, the restaurants that line the beach have their tables on the sand and grill the fish you have chosen, on the barbecue. Relaxed and festive atmosphere thanks to the small lights and candles …

Nusa  dua

Situated on the Bukit peninsula in the south of the island, this beach is one of the best known in Bali. The calm sea is conducive to swimming, which is perfect with children. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most touristy beaches, with luxury hotels lining it, and a shopping mall nearby. It is nevertheless recommended for its animated evenings.  A delicious swim? Pay attention to the tides, you can only swim at high tide.


With its family and urban ambience, trendy boutiques and fashionable bars, Seminyak, on the west coast of Bali and north of Kuta, is a popular destination. The night owls who wish to hoist their feet in the sand until dawn will be delighted! Long beach of fine sand, it is the starting point of a nice walk until Berawa. Beginners can also learn surfing.  A favorite address? La Plancha (0878.6141.6310.), A small beach hut with acid colors in front of the sea, is perfect for a cocktail while watching the sunset, and is famous for its Friday evenings, at the end of the night.

Padang padang

Located on the way to Uluwatu, south of Bali, this romantic cove accessible by a stone staircase has become the favorite destination of the newlyweds. This beach combines diving, swimming and surfing: there is something for all tastes! Only fault: it is becoming quite touristy.  A tip? In the evening, come back to eat a grilled fish on the deserted beach, feet in the water … Happiness!

Amed Beach

Situated to the east of Bali, in the shadow of the Gunung Agung volcano, this beach is different from the others because it is made of fine black volcanic sand, which gives it a wild side. The sunsets are magnificent and the seabed superb.  A traditional festival? In the small town of Amed, you can listen to the boys and girls of the village who gather to play traditional music.

The Gili Islands

The beaches of the Gili Islands The island of Gili consists of three dream islands off the north-west coast of the island of Lombok.The Gili Islands , with their beautiful scenery and white sandy beaches, are the ideal place to relax, Of coconut juice by hand. The sea is full of turtles and fish that are easily observed, for the pleasure of all. In the evening, the atmosphere is to party and relax.  An original mode of transport? On these islands where you only travel by foot or by bike, go and test the cidomos , local horse carts (about 50000 rp, about 3 €).

Nusa Lembongan

Beaches of Nusa Lembongan This island of southeast Bali, with its magnificent panorama of Mount Agung and its surroundings, will seduce you with its wild character and, of course, its sandy beaches with turquoise waters. These are usually deserted so it is a good way to avoid the crowded beaches of southern Bali while staying within minutes of the world’s best snorkeling and diving spots.   The dive sites of Nusa Lembongan are renowned for their beauty and diversity. On the other hand, watch out for the currents, which are strong enough; Diving with children in Nusa Lembongan is strongly discouraged.

Nusa Penida

Atuh Beach

This beach, located on the island of Nusa Penida in the south-east of Bali, is still little known to tourists, and therefore quite tranquil. The morning is relaxing, while the afternoon the beach comes alive: the adults gather seaweed, the little boys play the kite and the girls sell lovely bracelets and pearl necklaces.  A scooter ride? Rent a scooter and go around the island. You will see the mangrove and discover the lifestyle of the inhabitants, who still live to the rhythm of the customs and traditions.


Lombok beach
Lombok beach

Mawun Beach

Located south of Lombok, it is a perfect cove with emerald water. Rapidly deep, it is ideal for swimming. It is surrounded by verdant hills and trees, which is nice. This idyllic beach is hidden at the end of a rather sinuous road, but persevere because it is worth a look! There are rarely more than 20 tourists, so it is the perfect beach to lie on its towel and enjoy the sun and calm.

Allow 5000 rp to park your scooter, as parking is subject to charge.

Selong Blanak

Beach Still south of Lombok, the road leading to this beach is very pretty and offers a good overview of the local rural life and the surrounding rice fields. Selong Blanak enjoys a family atmosphere and is a very good spot for apprentices surfers.  Take a little height and watch the sunset over Selong Blanak Bay. Simply breathtaking.

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