Comfortable and decorative lighting your garden

Lighting a garden plot is an important element of beauty and safety. High-quality decorative lighting garden paths, flower beds, trees, steps to create a personalized and welcoming atmosphere in the country site, maintaining a perfect affinity with nature.


Back light tracks in the garden

Effectively looks light paths and alleys – this fit lamps built into the cover of the track. It looks great bars with built-lights located throughout the length of the track – like a decorative lighting the way and pointing the way. Their soft light beautifully reflects the entire track in the evening and green spaces nearby. To design harmony bars should be placed with equal intervals between them. And the exact distance is selected based on the light source power.

 Landscape lights tree

To highlight multiple adjacent to each other trees or plants selected suitable range of luminaires designed to provide illumination from the bottom up. This light allows you to see the beauty of the trunk, the crown that will be enticing movements in the shadows. Excellent look at similar light birch branches, pine needles, shrubs, etc.

Directional light from top to bottom is preferred to process and reflect the beauty of various exotic plants are either not very pretty green spaces with lush foliage. With such coverage will be highlighted in the main branches of plants. From the wind blows the shadow begins its dance, giving the area a mysterious beauty.

For decorative sculptures strongly recommended lighting only from below upwards. In such an interesting perspective sculpture looks really different. Arisen in this light shadows give the sculptures a special, interesting drama.

For spectacular illumination beds, flower beds and ornamental plants suited figures with lights, low lighting, etc. The main condition -. To achieve their common harmony with the surrounding landscape.

Fixtures rounded forms with strong ambient light will be more impressive to look at the center of the flower beds. It creates a spectacular rainbow of colors that will adorn any evening.

Arbour will look more refined and romantic, if you mask the light under the canopy. If the backlight to organize from the bottom, it will be enough air and light, as if weightless.

Features of illumination in the garden ponds

For illumination of reservoirs is better to turn to the professionals in the industry, given the many nuances in matters of safety and security.

Specialty shops can offer different versions colored lighting for fountains and waterfalls. Very impressive looks fogging unit for the fountain with colored lighting. It is necessary to take into account the high humidity near water, take responsibility for issues of electrical installation.

In conditions of high humidity is best to take care of the installation fiberoptiki – common in recent kind of illumination, using fiber optics. It provides a range of advantages to working in the area – a variety of effects, resistance to moisture, durability and simplicity of operation.

Secrets of a functional and practical lighting plot

Functional lighting is designed taking into account a number of basic nuances:
Choose durable, all-weather equipment for lighting, which will be convenient and easy to use and maintain.
Ensure harmony of light paths and other landscape elements. The maximum brightness is better directed to the objects on which you want to emphasize – scenic shrubs, trees, patios and gazebos.
It is advisable to browse through all the borders of their area and the courtyard, even in the dark.

What you must remember to select the lighting of the garden:

Ask about the store’s security certificate on the chosen lamp.
Find out the warranty for purchased equipment.
Check that the certificate data on the degree of protection of the goods.
Special attention should be manufacturing material lantern. After all, the body will be exposed to the active influence of sunlight and precipitation. Therefore, it is important to make sure there is painted the inside of the attachment – if it is subject to corrosion, the lantern will have to throw away.



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