10 e-commerce content marketing tips

The use of devices and electronic platforms for purchases, was a novelty at the time. However, today, it is everyday for many of the people .

The search for different products and services at more affordable prices, makes people tend to prioritize the internet, to find what they need or want.


In order to conquer these clients, you need to invest to attract and differentiate, showing all their ability to create and provide the best answers to the most varied needs.

The content marketing for e-commerce is a tool to help you conquer these goals successfully.

In today’s post, we list 10 Practical tips to help you in this task.

Why use content marketing for e-commerce?

This may not be the best way to ask this question. Let’s rephrase:

Why not use content marketing for e-commerce?

Finally, this tool already popularized, emphasizing, once again, what everyone knows already: knowledge websites sell.

More than just closing sales, content marketing allows you to win prospects and customers. Be faithful to your company by showing that it dominates the market in which it operates.

It is only necessary to think that when looking for a product or service on the internet, people not only want to know prices. If not, mainly, they want to know the functionality and identity of the seller to be able to close the business.

Content marketing for e-commerce, is also a form of aid in the better positioning of your site in search engines (organic results) and to increase traffic to your pages and profiles of social networks .

In other words: that investment allows your business to stand out.

Content marketing tips for e-commerce

When you perceive all possibilities of return, it is clear that the use of content marketing for e-commerce is presented as a golden opportunity for your company.

To be able to enjoy all this potential, it is necessary to be attentive to some specific points so that your efforts are not in vain.

1.- Consider the visitor who does not buy

Obviously you should have realized that the number of buyers on your site is only a part of the number of visitors.

This is normal, since there are people who only need to know the site, others to investigate, in addition to those who are obviously going to buy something.

When it comes to producing content you can not just focus on customers, excluding other people.

Finally, we must always think of all those who visited your blog to open doors and leave them open.

2.- Investing in gamification

The technology allows, today, to push the interactivity to keep your audience interested.

It can be a game, with 3-D views or loyalty badges to visitors returning to the site. The imagination is the limit .

3.- Write content of the correct length

Have you heard that no one reads long texts?

In fact, people do read, regardless of the length of the content , provided it is able to answer your questions and be of interest.

So that more than counting words, it is necessary that your team works in interesting materials, well written and with good bases of investigation, so that the text caters to the expectations of the readers.

4.- Align text and images

The content does not just have to have a text format (article, ebook, etc.).

Internet technology and allows us to transmit messages marketing and promoting knowledge in various ways.

Remember that align text and images , it also makes people feel attracted to the content.

Human beings are extremely visual beings . But it is not enough just to choose an image. It must be related to the material offered. It is also essential that it be of good quality.

This means that distorted, poorly cropped images with unwanted watermarks can end up ruining content.

Do not forget the credits, copyright, etc!

Watch this content that we tell you what those are mistakes we make with the images and that can ruin our site.

5.- Choose powerful words

A piece of content can not be written with a good structure and full of interesting images. This has a number of specific purposes: to attract and conquer to sell more and better.

Therefore, choose the right words. That is, keywords that will help users to reach your company through search mechanisms and even find the answers you need in the material.

Invests in key terms, especially when creating titles and calls to action for social networks , as these are the first thing the reader sees.

6.- Create an editorial calendar (and follow it)

For those who do not know, the editorial calendar is a document that allows you and your team, describe your content marketing strategy for e-commerce within a specific period.

It is not enough to bombard the site’s public and social networks with materials and more materials.

This is part of a whole. It not only encourages you to finish a text, but also to refer others to the site. In addition to materials, the products or services you offer.

So it’s a good idea to sit down with the whole team to decide what goal you want to achieve with each piece of content or material to help outline the way forward.

7.- Take into account content marketing as a whole

The marketing investment of content for e-commerce can not be treated as a saving answer for all your problems to sell more and better.

It should be thought of as part of your business that assists in building and strengthening your sales funnel and having loyal customers.

Content marketing works if the content distribution channels are ready to receive and deal with the public (examples: comments and questions on social networks without response are signs of abandonment or decline), since your e-commerce must work with the Security of your users in the purchases.

The trust is built and is consolidated from the references of the user when navigating in your communication channels.

8.- Leave aside the very technical terms

The most effective content marketing is one that stops being a set of information to become a conversation between the brand and the public.

It is necessary to leave aside everything that is too technical and learn to create pleasing material.

He thinks that the reader already spends the days immersed in matters of his own life that demand attention in detail.

Be then that practical and objective moment. Invest in well-designed and written content, in a fluid and neutral way.

Attention! This does not mean that they are extremely informal and without paying attention to grammar rules.

9.- Create a team

Whether you hire a specialized company to produce content you need to have an in-house team to manage content marketing .

Nobody better than you to know more about your business and clients.

Create a map of responsibilities that involves the most varied processes of content marketing and delegates the roles according to the development of each: creation, administration, optimization, healing, contact with the public, evaluation and measurement of results.

From this segmentation, it will be much easier to visualize the role of each one for the success of the company.

10.- Study, study, study!

Did you realize that the best professionals in the world are those who do not stop?

They know that the basis of all human development is in the exchanges that produce and transmit knowledge.

This is an everyday task.

With content marketing for e-commerce is no different. It is necessary that those involved in the task are abreast of trends, terms and everything to do with producing the best content for readers.

Do not rush to read just once and think you’ve already got all the information you need.

Knowledge is something extremely dynamic, that emerges day by day and constant evaluation.

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