What kind of clothes could be harmful for your health

There are  six types of clothing and accessories that are the most dangerous

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Image Source: Google Image


Many of us, especially the young of the fair sex, for the sake of beauty and fashion line ready to wear even the most uncomfortable things, absolutely not thinking about what they can seriously harm our body. But health should not forget the sake of fashion – it is fraught with undesirable consequences.

Experts are six types of clothing and accessories that are the most dangerous for health.

1. Skinny jeans

In the list of the most dangerous to health (especially for girls – future mothers) wearing apparel first place is occupied skinny jeans. According to experts, they interfere with blood circulation in the pelvis; can provoke diseases of the genitourinary system. Also, all your favorite leggings are seriously squeezing the nerves that pass through the outer part of the thigh. This can cause pain, numbness and tingling in the legs. Especially harmful to wear with skinny jeans heels. Keep reading romantic style clothing.

2. Thongs

For skinny jeans for anti-Olympus harmful items are toilet thong. They can trigger the development of urogenital infections or hemorrhoids – that’s how someone “lucky”.

3. Tight bra

Tight bras can become a cause of circulatory disorders in the chest, back problems. According to scientists, in 70-80% of women on the ridges there are the so-called functional blocks because of incorrectly fitted bras, which also limit the mobility of a particular segment of the spine.

4. Poor jewelry

Poor-quality jewelry can cause serious allergies. Typically, this reaction causes the body chromium, nickel, cobalt, included in the product. At the same allergic rash may appear on the face and body. It is possible, and inflammation of the earlobes, peeling skin.

5. Sunglasses

Many low-quality glasses sunglasses do not protect from the sun, and even pass the ultraviolet rays that are harmful to our eyes.

6. Sneakers

No matter how this shoe is fashionable and comfortable. It is quite harmful for your feet. Constant wearing sneakers can lead to flat feet, wear and tear of the joints and diseases of the musculoskeletal system

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