Thanks to the habits, the brain manages to lead our body on autopilot. However, not all routines are good for health and for successful social life.

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Image Source: Google Image

It is said that the change of habits, however small they may be, allow people to leave everyday life becoming an engine for innovation and welfare, even for harmony in society.

Whether true or not, there are things that an individual needs to change to improve their lifestyle. That does not detract from the fact that the change is very difficult, it requires discipline, rigor and patience.

Surely you have suggested stop doing this or that; if your partner or family makes you see because you creates problems you and them, you should know that it is time for a change.

Do not be alarmed, you have to know you’re not alone, stay here we leave a list to help you with your goal.

1. Put on your part

Change is hard. Not everybody receive the same way. For example: there are people who decide to get up earlier, but insist sleep late. Not that their efforts are in vain, but the body needs adequate rest, therefore, it will never rise to the desired time. This happens due to lack of planning and lack of willingness to address the situation realistically.

2. Start with simple things

If you want to make great strides and do not make it, you begin to get discouraged. Be consistent with yourself, do not rush things. Everything is a step by step. It starts with little things like tardiness, the toilet seat down, or chews with your mouth closed.

3. Calendar

It is important to set limits. When you raise a period of time, things flow more discipline. Plans depending on the type of challenge, you must set a timetable. You should not worry if others are moving faster than you, remember this is not a competition, each person has their own pace and goals.

4. Do not procrastinate

Leave everything for later is common among humans. It may be part of a way of being, a lifestyle or even a disorder called procrastination. A problem that causes a person systematically avoid activities of any kind, of any importance, and can not handle the circumstances surrounding the postponement. To get away from this, you should make an effort to do activities every moment. You should not leave it for later. After a time, activities will be somewhat easier. You’ll have more free time if you keep pending.

5. New activities

 Replaces your routines. For example, if you’re trying to change your eating habits then you do not go to places where culinary temptations that may interfere with your goals. On the other hand, if you know the five p.m. always get hungry, it took that time in an activity for you punts.

6. Changing social circle

At least for three weeks it takes away from people who share the habit you are about to change. For example, if you want to quit and you are in a meeting of smoking you can fall into a trap. Moreover, there will be someone who does not understand or mocks your intentions to change and then may put you off and not get quit smoking.

7. Learn to get up

Failure is not absolute. If at any time you break your diet or do not meet a challenge, do not throw everything overboard. The first stumbling block is the final for the vast majority of people; almost always they end up saying “I tried” and no longer continue to change. Remember that it is not impossible. All humans make mistakes; it is part of the process.

8. Do not fool yourself

Your goal can not be “throw less trash on the street” or “spit less.” That is very difficult to measure, and is very easy to delude himself. It is preferable to make well-defined things like “empty the trash twice a day on a boat” or “no spitting”. In this way you can know perfectly if it is complying.

9. Do not fly

 Sometimes the mood is to eat the world, sometimes not. It is advisable to do one thing at a time. Concentrate on one thing. After you master fulfills another purpose and so on. If you make too many changes at the same time, the insurance will end up pulling. You must devote time to planning and follow a strategic plan to be able to achieve glory. Thus t will be less complicated and have well defined what you want.

10. They called Apps

Today there are devices and applications that can help you become a more organized person, and even a person with a simpler life. To change your bad habits you can make use of programs, for example, they indicate how many calories you have a drink, or how many kilometers left to walk. You can also use these devices to help you in your daily work and thus able to save time and money, which will be very useful for your projects and goals.

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