Top-10 natural food for strengthening of hair

Our hair grows approximately 1 centimeter per month, but the most important for the growth of new healthy and strong hair – those vitamins and nutrients that we get from food, say nutritionists. Proper food helps to strengthen hair, prevent and even reduce hair loss. Which foods for hair health is to eat every day, read our article.

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The best diet for healthy hair – foods rich in calcium and iron, and a lot of green leafy vegetables, seaweed and other sources of vitamins and minerals.

At the same time, doctors are advised to carefully take dietary supplements that promise that your hair will immediately become thicker and grow faster. It is possible that they may give the opposite effect.

The fact is that in some cases certain excess of nutrients such as vitamin A, can become a cause of hair loss. Therefore, experts recommend as much as possible to provide hair diet, which in sufficient quantity will be present all the necessary material and they do not give preference to Badam, and already proven vitamin-mineral complexes with balanced composition.

Diet to strengthen the hair – the most useful products

Here are 10 foods that are the basis of effective diet to strengthen the hair.

Salmon and other fat fish

Salmon saturated fatty acids, polyunsaturated omega-3, which is necessary for the health of the scalp. Lack of fatty acids can lead to dryness of the scalp and hair will look exhausted. Also salmon is an excellent source of protein. It has a lot of vitamin B12 and iron, which also nourish and strengthen the hair. If you stick to a vegetarian diet, to strengthen the hair in the diet include one or two tablespoons of flaxseed oil – vegetable source of the fatty acids.

Green vegetables

Healthy hair needs nutrients found in green and leafy vegetables. For example, spinach, broccoli and leaf beet is very rich in vitamins A and C, which are necessary for the body to produce sufficient amounts of sebum, which serves as a natural hair conditioner. Dark green vegetables also help to ensure the hair iron and calcium.


Beans, beans and lentils are also very important to strengthen the hair. They are not only a great source of protein, which is essential for hair growth. Legumes are rich in iron, zinc and biotin. Sometimes fragility and brittleness of hair is caused by a lack of biotin. Nutritionists recommend eating weekly three or more cups of beans or lentils.


You eat nuts? If you would like to have had a strong and healthy hair, you need to eat them regularly. Brazil nuts – one of nature’s best sources of selenium, a substance that is important for strengthening the hair and scalp health. Walnuts contain alpha-linolenic acid – one of the omega-3, which improves the condition of the hair. The cashews, pecans and almonds have a lot of zinc. Zinc deficiency often leads to hair loss. It is therefore to include nuts in your hair tonic menu.


Chicken and turkey is a great source of protein for growth and strengthen the hair. With a lack of protein in the diet of the hair becomes weak and brittle, and strong permanent deficit of proteins will result in the fact that the hair will be dull and colorless. Poultry meat is valuable in that it is a source of iron with high bioavailability, which is easily absorbed by the body.


To strengthen the hair does not matter what you like eggs – boiled, scrambled or fried eggs. Eggs – the protein super-power. In addition, they have a lot of biotin and vitamin B12 – essential Beauty-nutrients.

Whole grains

Whole wheat bread and whole-grain cereals, enriched with vitamins and minerals, is also making a considerable contribution to the strengthening of the hair. In the first place, due to a significant content of zinc, iron and B vitamins


 They are known as aphrodisiacs, but they not only enhance sexual desire, but also a great strengthen and nourish the hair. Their main secret is zinc, a powerful antioxidant. If you can not turn on the oysters in their daily menu, it is not a  big deal. A sufficient amount of zinc can be obtained not only from whole grains and nuts, but beef and lamb.

Dairy products

Milk and yogurt -. Excellent sources of calcium, a very important mineral for the growth and strengthening of hair. Also contained in dairy products and casein whey is a very valuable source of protein. In addition, yogurt or cottage cheese are perfect for snacking throughout the day. They can add a little nut, and this combination will bring a double benefit your hair.


Carrots are very rich in vitamin A, which is very important for the health of the scalp and a good view. What feels better scalp, the more healthy, shiny and strong will your hair. So feel free to include carrots in your daily menu as in itself, and in salads.

Diet for strengthening hair – keep balance

When it comes to products for hair strengthening and preservation of beauty and most importantly is their diversity. A balanced diet that includes proteins, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, fatty fish and dairy products – this is what will make your hair strong, beautiful and healthy, dermatologists are unanimous. If you are often trying to struggle with excess weight with the help of express diets and limit your body in some of these products, it would not benefit neither the stomach nor the hair. Low-calorie diets often require the elimination of certain nutrients that are vital for health and strengthen the hair. For example, omega-3, zinc and vitamin A. In this case, the hair does not grow worse and become brittle, discolored and dull. The constant lack of necessary vitamins and micronutrients hair often leads to severe hair loss.

Vitamins for Hair Growth – How to Choose

Strict diets affect the life cycle of hair. A significant weight loss in a short period of time violates the normal rhythm of hair replacement. After two or three months after weight loss, you may notice that the hair loss is greatly increased. This is a temporary phenomenon, but to restore the healthy condition of the hair and strengthen them possible only by means of a balanced and harmonious food and good care.

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