Proper nutrition: Top 6 healthy breakfast options

Dairy products and fruit – just a small part of possibilities

A cup of fragrant, strong coffee instead of a full breakfast, not the best start to the day, doctors say.

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Foods that you eat for breakfast should saturate the brain with glucose, which in turn stimulates the body of productive work. People who eat breakfast fully, less likely to suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, obesity, less likely to be depressed, said Health expert.

What is useful to eat for breakfast to start the day right.

Protein breakfast

It speeds up your metabolism, gives a feeling of satiety, and is most useful for the muscles. If you lose weight or day begins with physical exertion – is the best option breakfast.

An ideal choice for the first meal will be dishes made with 2 eggs (omelets, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs or poached eggs), nutritionists recommend. Additional breakfast salad is seasonal vegetables. In winter and early spring – a variation on the theme of “coleslaw”. In the summer it is also the same – a complete flight of fancy.

Also, nutritionists recommend adding to salads as many greens – parsley, dill, green onions, spinach, lettuce and so on. As a refueling better use olive, sunflower or linseed oil, natural yoghurt, lemon juice and vinegar.

Dairy products

A great start to the day may be a plate of cheese (about 100 grams) with the addition of nuts or dried fruits. Also suitable glass of yogurt or yogurt, they, incidentally, also can add some nuts, dried fruit or a couple of tablespoons of flax seeds.

This breakfast saturates the body with calcium, which is needed for strong bones and teeth.

Carbohydrate breakfast

It is great for everyday work – he charges us with energy and glucose necessary for the active work of the brain.


Perfectly suited for a breakfast cereal from raw grain – not polished rice, buckwheat and oatmeal, nutritionists say. Add in cereals nuts, dried fruit, pumpkin seeds or flax seeds.

Several slices of bread from wheat flour (preferably dry bread in the toaster), and here , the same cup of delicious coffee can be an option right breakfast.

A mixture of grains

Experts recommend the use of a mixture of cereals, obtained from whole grains: oats, buckwheat, barley, wheat, rye, corn, rice, wheat and so on. In such a mixture can also add pieces of dried fruit, nuts, seeds of flax, pumpkin and others.

Fruit salad

To prepare this breakfast, you can use any fruit. However, this option is useful breakfast more suited to the weekend, when no hurry and want to cheer yourself up.

For example, you can prepare the salad portion of apple, banana, pear and kiwi (fruit can be changed on your own, but do not zealous in eating bananas and grapes). As a salad bowls this fruit salad will suit cup of natural yogurt with no additives – about 150-200 ml.

Breakfasts are not only useful and healthy, but also tasty, varied. So do not be lazy and take your breakfast properly

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