The new favorite shooter gamers called Overwatch

As we all know, the company Blizzard is well respected in the world of “PC Gamers” and known mainly by legendary franchises in the “gamer” culture.


As is the case of the famous Warcraft (soon to debut a film in the cinema), Diablo (now in its third installment house getting better) and Starcraft (in his second delivery and well received).

A few months ago, they have dabbled quite successfully in the world of so-called e-sports with the famous card game Heartstone and acclaimed MOBA Heroes of the Storm; game quickly stole much of the cake market and managed to place nothing more and nothing less than the third place behind League of Legends and Dota 2.

Now, Blizzard battery completes its competitive games launching the new Overwatch and exploiting its greatest strength when developing a game First Person Shooter (FPS).

The game itself

After canceling his old project called “Titan”, the company Blizzard found enough inspiration to create a FPS online competitive mode bautaizado as Overwatch, and being the first original release of the company after about 17 years to exploit their previous franchises. In this new game online which 12 players are divided into two camps so the key to win is teamwork face.

Good game

Formerly known as Silicon & Synapse in the year 1991, Blizzard always demonstrated its spectacular ability to create unique characters with personality and complex enough to develop amazing and intricate stories between each of them.

Overwatch is no slouch in this regard, and managed to create the perfect formula to unleash the success of this new title. Game design, art, modeling and environments are arguably almost perfect and a clear example of how policy and quality standards Blizzard still quite hard and fast.

The downside of the game

There are many who think and also demand worldwide, a campaign mode for single player. While I understand it is that this game is designed for multiplayer field and also understood that Blizzard is exploring the FPS genre. But nevertheless, it is not understood why they did not put some effort into making at least a short campaign of a single character. Visit to know more like this stuff.

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