6 common foods which can not be reheated after cooking

Some products on heating can be hazardous to health.

How often do you save time deciding on the concoction, cook meals in reserve, for today and tomorrow? Find out what foods in any case be subject to re-heat treatment.

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And not only that on heating the dishes change their taste properties of the worse and deprived of the nutrients. Everything is much more serious: re-heated, these products can be dangerous to your health and the health of your family.


Experts advise him to eat immediately after cooking, and here’s why. According to the Food Standards Agency, uncooked rice can contain a number of spores of bacteria that cause food poisoning. Some of them can even survive the thermal processing of rice, although it is small and can cause health problems if you eat just cooked a rice dish. But if he’s a little stand up at room temperature, the spores multiply and very quickly! When heating rice again, you just increase the number that can be fraught with poisoning.


You probably have noticed yourself that warmed mushrooms have a slightly different taste than freshly cooked. When warming up the structure of the protein changes in fungi, it is worse to digest, and even can cause digestive problems. If we have left from yesterday dish with mushrooms, eat it cold.


Similarly as in the case of mushrooms, egg protein changes its structure when heated. During the re-heat treatment in the egg produce toxins that can potentially harm your health. Incidentally, this applies only to the boiled and fried eggs, if you have prepared the sauce, such as bechamel, with eggs, it can safely reheat.


One would think: well, how can damage the body warmed dish with beets?! It turns out – can: reheating nitrates contained in beet, are particularly harmful. By the way, this also applies to carrots, and celery, and spinach! Keep in mind that food containing these vegetables; it is better not heat up or, at least, before removing from the pan heating.

A hen

This beloved by many products becomes too dangerous due to the degeneration of proteins during reheating. Since you do not like to eat cold chicken, heat it slightly and over low heat, but in any case not on a large: at strong heat in the chicken stand out harmful toxins that can cause stomach problems.


Preheat the potatoes can not be called a very harmful product, but also no benefit from it. If the freshly mashed potatoes or baked potatoes – a storehouse of vitamins and no less useful starch, the starch is heated at repeated breaks, vitamins evaporate, and you get something, of course, is able to give you a sense of satiety, but completely useless as a dish. Click here to know more like this content.

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