Trump’s view of renewable energy and global warming: spin or genuine?

Donald Trump has taken the political world by storm. The business magnate finds himself facing the final hurdle before becoming the ruler of the free world – the American Presidency.

Trumps view of renewable energy and global warming

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However, his journey has not been plane sailing by any stretch of the imagination. The Republican has caused controversy on both sides of the political spectrum. From proposing the construction of a wall between the US and Mexico to advocating what many believe to be the greatest tax policy since the end of the Second World War, Trump has certainly made his mark in American politics.

There is one area of governance that Trump has often touched upon, which many people feel strongly about: environmentalism.


Trump has made clear that he believes that the current understanding of global warming and the need for renewable energy is nothing more than an elaborate conspiracy. His tweets are evidence of this.

In 2013 he tweeted that because he was situated in a ‘freezing’ Los Angeles, the notion of global warming is nothing more than a ‘very expensive hoax’.

To many, this position appears indefensible, but Trump is part of a global narrative that believes not only that global warming is a conspiratorial myth, but also that even if it were true, any changes to a country’s environmental policy would essentially be ineffectual on the global scale. This narrative believes that building solar panels in Belfast, for example, is futile considering the pollutant powers of heavily industrial nations such as China.


Although Trump’s views appear stringent – in public anyway – his true motives are questionable when you dig a little deeper. The question is whether his position is a ploy to appeal to the more traditional Republican demographic that would normally support anti-environmentalists. In order to align himself with this demographic, Trump may well have strategically condemned environmentally-conscious policies and equipment, the likes of which is available at retailers such as Northern Irelands solar panel company.

This duplicity is perhaps most evident in a planning application made by Trump where he applied for the construction of a coastal structure to reduce the erosion of his seaside golf resort. Because of this alone, he is clearly conscious of processes which can negatively impact the environment – yet now he turns a blind eye.

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